How to make men’s red pants work for you Ireland

How to make men’s red pants work for you

How to make men’s red pants work for you

Wearing red trousers or pants may be seen as making a bold fashion statement but their look is stylish. Their attention grabbing look can inject colour into any gentleman’s look all year round.

Ruby hues are uplifting in both the summer and winter. Their warmth grow can inspire many different fashion finishes for stylish men.

OK, they may not suit everybody’s taste as you certainly need confidence to wear them. However, knowing how to style men’s red pants is to key to uplifting any inventive wardrobe look.

Before you race out or order your red pants on line, there are a few things you should know when it comes to styling them. Key things to remember are

How to wear your red trousers
  1. Always allow for your red pants to do the talking. Ensure they stand out by pairing them with neutral colouring above the waste. Whites, navy, blacks and blue tones are always a great choice. Choose red jeans for casual wear and red chinos for something more -smart casual.
  2. If you are looking for something more semi-formal. Red trousers fused with a crisp white shirt or navy men’s blazer offers a stylish finish.
  3. Don’t be scared to experiment with different red hues like burgundy. It lends itself to be a more sophisticated look. Coral shades are more fun plus have a more summery feel to them.
  4. When it comes to choosing footwear or accessorising, opt for neutral finishes. Keep the attention on the pants without any distractions.
So, what fuses with red pants?

Unlike normal denim jeans or trousers, some thought has to go into styling your red pants. The main thing to consider is to keep most of the attention on the pants themselves. Pairing with complimentary shades above the waist is vital.

Opting for neutral shading like white, black, grey or cream are always safe options. Avoid anything that has a fiery bold looks to avert any clashing.

Burgundy Skinny Fit Suit Trousers from Topman

Burgundy Skinny Fit Suit Trousers from Topman

The casual red pants look

To be honest, red pants are ideal when worn as part of your casual wardrobe. Follow styles of red pants in jeans or trouser formats.

Items like red jeans or chinos look fab when paired with neutral whites or blacks. Plain white men’s trainers are a great footwear choice. For laying, add a black leather jacket or subtle logo hoodie to the fray. These looks always look great when styled with summer plain summer sunglasses.

The smart casual red pants finish

Believe it or not, red pants are super when you are looking to elevate your fashion look away from the norm. Because of their bold tones, they can be styled easily as long as you keep your top layering neutral.

A pair of red trousers or men’s chinos are the only choice here. Pair with a classic button down shirt on whites, creams or blue shades and you are good to go. Oh, don’t forget your fitted blazer and pair of loafers or derby shoes to complete this fab finish.

The semi-formal red pant effect

Red trousers bring something different to any man’s fashion look. OK, they may be seen by some as unconventional but who cares. Stylish guys aren’t scared to invent and try different fashion looks and good for them.

To rock a good semi-formal finish opt for less aggressive red hues like burgundy or darker red hues. Again, keep above the waist colouring neutral. A shirt is a must so whites, creams and any colour that doesn’t collide with your bottoms are good. Keep any accessorising to a minimum. It’s about announcing your look not shoving down people’s throats.


How to make men’s red pants work for you

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