Easy ways to style ladies oversized t-shirts this summer Ireland

Easy ways to style ladies oversized t-shirts this summer

Easy ways to style ladies oversized t-shirts this summer

As we guide ourselves through the long summer months, staying on top of our fashion game is important to all gals.

Free and easy fashion is always good when the sun shines. The t-shirt dress is that uncomplicated piece of fashion that is so versatile that it can be styled with almost anything. As well as offering loose comfort it’s a “grab and go” fashion piece that will always remain on trend.

It’s how you style your t-shirt dress that really matters and nailing that fine relaxed finish that is suitable for that great day to night look.

We have put together some really simple looks on how to style your oversized t-shirt throughout the summer months. Each look is different but easy to apply with minimal effort.

Oversized tee and baggy jeans combo

This is probably the easiest look to throw together using an oversized tee this summer. All that is required is your knee length tee plus a pair of skinny or boyfriend jeans.

By tucking your shirt into your jeans it compresses your upper body elongating your legs. Opt for print or logo tees for that super casual look. Add a neutral ladies blazer to portray a more formal finish. Complete the look pumps or kitten heels for that killer finish.

Red Basic T-Shirt Dress from Missguided

Red Basic T-Shirt Dress from Missguided

The stand along oversized tee dress look

This look is so summery that it allows you to experiment with different finishes where accessorising is going to be key. For most girls it’s all about the waist finish that determines the overall silhouette of the tee.

The only thing here to be really concerned about is the length finish of your tee. Anything too short looks cheap and can spoil your overall finish. Opt for a tee that sits half-way down your thigh. We all know different shades of black present a slimmer finish.

However, bright whites or cream are good for the more petite gal. Logo prints add variety to the tee and pair with belt if you are looking to draw attention to the hips and rear. It’s a casual look so opt for the white Ladies trainers finish. This is super relaxed summer look for any girl to enjoy!

The tee and short jacket affect

We all love to layer our clothing regardless what time of year it is. Jackets are great when the summer temperatures dip or you need extra layering for the evening.

There are a few effective ways to up your oversized tee day or night look during the summer months. Ladies denim jackets or a faux leather jacket are complimentary fashion additives that compliment any oversized tee look.

The trick is to keep the tee neutral (blacks or white) Denim is safe but a colourful leather jacket can add that extra WOW to your finish. Ladies knee high boots sneakers are a dapper finish for any young fashionista trying to make a cool fashion statement.

Oversize tee and long Cardigan effect

This is a personal favourite of mine as it allows for a little bit of intrigue when styling your oversized tee as a dress. Pair your plain design tee with a mid-length cardigan that falls below your knee line. With the tee being free from any logo designs allows for you to inject a bit of colour or pattern into the cardigan.

Avoid any colour clashes which it is wise to opt for a neutral tee. There is always going to be an air of fascination to “what’s under the cardigan or a long coat” for that matter. This pairing can attract a little more attention to your overall look. Add sneakers or ladies wedges or low rise heels for a perfect finish. It is also great layering for the summer as well!


Easy ways to style ladies oversized t-shirts this summer

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