Levi’s sustainable jeans

Levi’s launch their most sustainable jeans ever

Levi’s launch their most sustainable jeans ever

In sustainable fashion news, leading denim brand, Levi have unveiled new fashion jeans which are their most sustainable pairs to date.

Their jeans are cleverly constructed using organic enriched cotton and circulose, which is material made out of worn out jeans.
These sustainable fashion pieces are part of a successful 5 years research and development project by the American denim producer.

Belt loops were not introduced by Levi’s until 1922

The material designs come in their classic 502 tapered fit for men. For the ladies their high loose design is an updated version of their classic ’90s style which includes a loose leg and flattering high rise finish. Their eco-friendly denim pieces are made up of 20& recycled denim, 20% sustainably sourced viscose, and 60 %percent organic cotton.

To add to this, the manufacturing process of the jeans also cuts down on the amount of water required in their production as well as using less chemicals.

Levi’s have designed their new jeans to ensure that they capitalise on the most efficient way of producing eco-friendly recyclable denim.

Levi’s weren’t called “jeans” until the 1950s

Senior Designer for Innovation at Levi’s, Una Murphy believes that her company have produced recycle jeans in a way that doesn’t sacrifice on quality.

Their partnership with Swedish company Re:newcell, allows for garment-to-garment recycling which according to Murphy is an important step forward in the way Levi’s produce their sustainable denim.

Una said “Recycling keeps garments out of landfills and minimises the use of natural resources. We’re transforming old jeans into high-quality materials, moving us beyond traditional cotton recycling, which shortens and breaks fibres. By using high-quality fibre, Levi’s jeans last longer, and designing for circularity allows our old jeans to become new jeans, again and again.”

They didn’t introduce the zipper fly on their jeans until 1954

Levi’s was founded back in 1853 in San Francisco by German immigrant Levi Strauss. Today they are one of the most trusted and recognised producers of men’s ladies and children denim products. Jeans from the new Levi’s recycled denim range are available to buy now on-line at Levi.com.


Levi’s launch their most sustainable jeans ever

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