How to incorporate orange into your summer wardrobe Ireland

How to incorporate orange into your summer wardrobe

How to incorporate orange into your summer wardrobe

Orange is one of those colours that some of us avoid when styling any assemble. OK, it’s not the easiest colour to work with but it’s definitely worth considering.

The beauty about orange is that it is available in so many wonderful shades and doesn’t always have to be loud and bold.

Usually associated with autumn or winter colouring, orange is perfect for summer styling when paired correctly with items in your wardrobe. It is also an opportunity to stray away from your comfort zone with safe fashion colours.

Summer is also a great time to be inventive with your wardrobe line-up. We check out certain ways to blend orange hues into your summer closet assemble this season.

Ginger Splice Print Bardot Dress from Next Ireland

Ginger Splice Print Bardot Dress from Next Ireland

The patterned orange shirt look

For any of you who are really nervous about jumping straight into the orange look, then do so gradually. A solid orange patterned ladies shirt is a great and safe way to start.

Ensure all patterns include beige or white tones. This will stop any clashing with black in the rest of your assemble. Your shirt can be easily fused with ladies skinny jeans or denim skirt for summer.

The orange printed shirt look also looks great when paired with black trousers or jeans. Add a cropped faux tan or brown jacket with contrasting sling back heels and handbag.

The orange top and blazer effect

The beauty about orange is it comes in so many different great shades. You don’t have to look like a Halloween addict to enjoy its variation of wonder hues.

The likes of orangey yellow shades fuse effortlessly with sandy or beige tones. Stray from the norm and pair a light shade orange midi dress with a beige ladies blazer and heels.

Add some gold accessories and it’s a subtle wow look. It is also different to traditional blues, back and greys. This look is perfect for office attire or most family occasions or get together with friends.

The orange floral finish

The thing to remember when wearing any shade of orange is to ensure it is eye-catching but not overbearing. The orange floral affect can send out a powerful subtle styling finish without all the fuss. The only thing to really remember is to keep your look chic.

Fuse a white and light shade orange floral fusion dress (maxi, midi or even an A-line dress) work well with this look. Complete this finish with a white ladies short cut jacket and matching heels and clutch bag. It’s so simple yet can be so effective to a graceful stylish look.

French Connection Orange Vasha Meadow Jersey Shirt Dress from Next Ireland

French Connection Orange Vasha Meadow Jersey Shirt Dress from Next Ireland

The orange cropped pants look

Realistically, the only true summer finish for orange pant design can be a fine pair of ladies cropped pants. Now the actually has lots of benefits as you can experiment with many different shades.

Whether you choose bold or light orange the key thing is to keep shades above the waist light and interesting. Patterns, floral or stripes are a great choice.

For daytime wear a nice pair of white sneakers with your orange crops look great. Move into evening time and a neutral coloured short jacket (light denim or blazer) are the only stylish choice really. Remember it’s summer so light is bright.

The orange shoe experiment

When it comes to ladies footwear, the likes of beige, nudes and brown go with almost any orange tones. However, orange sandals or heels can transform any gals look when fused with the right assemble.

A fitted pair of ladies jeans (dark blue tones) fuse well with orange footwear. It is about finding contrasting hues to wear about the feet that is the trick to nailing a chic summer look this season.


How to incorporate orange into your summer wardrobe

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