How to wear pink and red together and look chic

How to wear pink and red together and look chic

How to wear pink and red together and look chic

Scarlet red is one of the biggest colour trends of 2020. However, as it can be an intimidating colour to pull off, we don’t blame people from shying away.

But we are here to tell you that you can rock a bright red dress. Or skirt. perhaps, a top? Whatever piece of clothing you want to wear.

And it looks seriously stylish when paired with pink. Since pink and red are unexpected and brilliant colour blocking colours. Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we show you how you can match them together with ease.

Simple Blocking

There is always basic colour blocking going on when wearing two colours. In this case, a bright scarlet red with a pink hue. You can then use your accessories to match those colours. Or tone your look down with some nude shoes.

Red Basic T-Shirt Dress from Missguided

Red Basic T-Shirt Dress from Missguided


Accessories can make for a more understated approach when wearing two colours together. Choose one colour for your entire outfit. Now incorporate the other colour into your look with some accessories. Use your bags, earrings, shoes, scarves or even your jewellery. Don’t be afraid to get creative.


We get it. If you are not used to wearing bright colours, it can be intimidating to start. If pink is proven too much for you, a softer rose shade or pastel colours will look just as gorgeous with red. But it will be more subtle.

A pastel pink top will look stunning when paired with a bright flame red trouser or skirt. Or, if wearing red is a little too much for you, try some accessories. Having red as a small portion of your outfit will make for a simple everyday look.

One Piece

Why not save yourself the trouble and buy a piece with both colours already incorporated? You can get a pink dress with splashes or red running through it. Or a pleated skirt with red and pink split down the middle.


How to wear pink and red together and look chic

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