Boohoo to set new standards in clothing manufacturing

Boohoo to set new standards in clothing manufacturing

Boohoo to set new standards in clothing manufacturing

In fashion news, on-line fashion retailer Boohoo are set to overhaul the way they produce their own clothing in a move that will see them set up a new manufacturing facility in the UK.

In an article published in “The Sunday Times” (20.07.2020) it’s reported that the Manchester fashion house are planning to build a state-of-the-art production plant which will produce their own clothing at a new facility in Leicester.

This comes in light of recent allegations by the same paper who reported Boohoo had outsourced a small part of their production to a subcontractor in the same city who allegedly paid their worked £3.50 per hour to do work for them during COVID-19.

The Manchester firm entrusted Morefray Ltd to carry out the repacking of their garments, without any knowledge that the contractor was mistreating their own employees.

After their own internal investigation carried out by the Boohoo team about the treatment of staff by Morefray Ltd, they moved quickly to terminate their relationship with their supplier

Boohoo’s Chief Executive, John Lyttle has already contacted Priti Patel who is the Home Secretary in the UK and urged her to introduce “Fit to Trade” licenses for UK garment manufacturers.

Lyttle believes this will help protect the working rights for all people involved in the manufacturing of fashion good in the United Kingdom.

According to the Times, Boohoo are pushing for a “Q Mark” where ‘Made in Britain’ will be a label of pride for those wearing their clothes and badge of honour for those who make them.

In what has been a turbulent few weeks for Boohoo who have seen their share prices almost loose 50% in value, this positive initiative from the Manchester company if implemented by the government would overhaul the way clothes are manufactured and produced in the UK with Boohoo spearheading this initiative.

Boohoo’s planned manufacturing village in Leicester, which is still awaiting planning permission, is expected to set new standards for the city’s textiles industry.


Boohoo to set new standards in clothing manufacturing

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