The best summer accessories for men and how to wear them

The best summer accessories for men and how to wear them

The best summer accessories for men and how to wear them

When it comes to fashion, the devil is always in the details. And this especially true during the summer months. Summer accessories are often the difference between a good outfit and a great. To that end, here at Men’s fashion Ireland we show you some of the best summer accessories to own and tips on how to wear them.

Knitted Tie

Knitted ties are that one accessory that you can wear in the middle of summer and winter. They are the traditional tie’s carefree cousin and have found their way into modern men’s wardrobe. During summer, throw one on a chambray with tailored separate for a standout look.

Tote Bag

The modern tote bag has become a menswear hero in recent years. Among the reasons why, open-top bags work better than backpacks with tailoring. The there’s the ease of being able to get your things without having the unzip a bag.

While cotton ones are more sustainable, the most stylish and durable ones are made from nylon. A dark neutral colour will work with several looks. Play it simple with a Breton top and some tailored trousers.

Joules Edition Cheltenham Panama Hat from

Joules Edition Cheltenham Panama Hat from

Panama Hat

As far as headwear goes, a panama hat is an old of a hat as you can get. So, if you are worried about looking like an elderly holidaymaker in continental Europe, keep things casual.

To give your Panama hat a touch of modernity, pair it with a simple T-shirt in a deep block colour. Roll up your sleeves for maximum style impact. Your trousers should be slim and cut from a lightweight material. Finish off with some Converse in white or cream.


So, this is a completely unnecessary item to own. Unlike a scarf, which provides warmth, it has no functional qualities and is purely an aesthetical addition to your look.

For this reason, you need to commit to wearing your neckerchief and wear it with pride. The aim is to add a pop of colour to your outfit. a neckerchief is flamboyant and can jazz up any look.

With that being said, to pull it off, keep the rest of your outfit simple.

Cross-Body Bag

Okay, so people will roll their eyes at this one. What you thought of as ironic fashion has proven to be surprisingly useful. So much so that people have taken to wearing a cross-body bag with tailoring and it looks modern.

This could be because tailoring has become more casual. For summer, try a boxy shirt or cropped jacket with rolled trousers. finish off your look by slinging your cross-body bag across your chest.

The best summer accessories for men and how to wear them

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