How to detangle hair

How to detangle your hair without causing damage

How to detangle your hair without causing damage

Knotty and tangled hair is the worst. Between painfully attempting to brush your tangles out to the actual damage this causes, stubborn knots can wreak havoc.

In Makeup and Beauty Tips Ireland, we show you our guide on how to minimal damage and pain when detangling your hair.

Conditioner Is Your Friend

Trust us. when it comes to tangles, don’t just go straight in with your brush. Conditioner will coat your strands and allow your brush to pass through easily.

This means it’s less likely to damage your hair. For coarse or curly hair types, you can use a leave in conditioner to remove your knots.

However, if you are on the finer side on things, you need to consider what products you use as too much can weigh hair down.

Pure Silk Pillowcase from M&S Ireland

Pure Silk Pillowcase from M&S Ireland

Use The Right Tools

When removing your tangles, those of you with curly hair should use a paddle brush. The bristles are set perfectly apart, allowing the brush to work through your hair without stressing out your strands.

For those of you with finer hair, use a wide tooth comb. Thanks to the spacing of the teeth, it will move through your hair without too much tension.

Detangle In Sections

Once you condition your hair and gather the right tools, it’s time to section your hair. Working in sections will ensure you get all tangles out of your hair.

And remember to begin at the ends of your hair and work towards your roots. Be gentle and work through your knots in small strokes. Forcing a brush through a stubborn knot will only cause damage. And this can lead to breakages, split ends and brittle hair.

Use A Satin Pillowcase

The best way to detangle your hair is to prevent tangles in the first place. And the best way to do this is by investing in a satin pillowcase. Your hair will slide easily across the material and is less likely to get tangled when you move as you sleep.


How to detangle your hair without causing damage

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