How to style your anklet

How to style your anklet and why you should own one

How to style your anklet and why you should own one

The accessory trend that everyone was obsessed with in the 90s is back. Much like every other trend of the decade. Some called them ankle chains, others anklet bracelets. But if you styled your way through the 90s, you will only know them as anklets.

This jewellery piece is not strictly for bohemian fashion lovers. The street style crowd have tapped into this trend and often wear it with high end pieces like fur coat ensembles.

In Teenage Fashion Ireland tips, we show you why they are one of the best accessory for letting your personality shine.

Lucky Charms

Tired of wearing your charms on your wrist or around your neck? Try a dainty little anklet instead. Much like your necklace or bracelet, you can personalise your charms to show off your style. And if you want your anklet to really stand out, wear some platform shoes or killer heels.

Sterling Silver Anklet from Thomas Sabo

Sterling Silver Anklet from Thomas Sabo

Keep Things Simple

Sometimes, the simple accessories are enough to elevate your outfit and turn into a fashion masterpiece. You don’t have to go all out and wear big chunky pieces.

A single anklet on your leg will look classy and sophisticated. It’s also a great way to dress up your joggers when lounging around your house all day.

Maybe you prefer minimal jewellery, or you just don’t want to take away from your shoes. A basic anklet is perfect for any outfit or occasion.


Ok, so you may not think of chains when you think of an ankle, but you should. Because it is one piece of jewellery that looks super cute. Especially when layered over some fishnet tights. To channel your inner rocker, why not layer two or three chain anklets over each other.


How to style your anklet and why you should own one

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