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Why you should add a face serum to your skincare routine

Why you should add a face serum to your skincare routine

We can all agree that skin serums are having a moment. You seem them all over social media and beauty fanatics bathrooms. But what exactly is a skin serum and are they worth the hype? In Makeup and Beauty Tips Ireland, we give you the low-down and how to choose the right one for you.

What Is A Skin Serum?

Nowadays, people are becoming more skin savvy. By using a serum, they are able to increase the strength of their routine and learn a more comprehensive approach to anti-aging and hydration.

Serums are usually made with a higher concentration of active ingredients. This means that a few drops are sufficient to cover your whole face. Their texture is typically lighter than a moisturiser, meaning you can skip your moisturiser if you don’t need it. This can be great for oilier skin tones. However, you may still need to moisturise if you have dry skin.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Serum Crystal Elixir

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Serum Crystal Elixir

When Should You Apply One?

Serums should be applied twice daily. After cleansing and toning, they are the first products you should apply to your skin. If you are using a serum in the morning, always use a sunscreen – you should be using one anyways – and apply a moisturiser at night.

To avoid wasting product, apply your serum using one or two fingers and massage it into your skin.

How To Choose The Best One For You

Now you have got the basics covered, which serum do you choose? This will depend on your skin needs. There are many types of serums available and their active ingredients will do different things.

Serums with a water base will work better for those of you with oily skin. However, those who want a richer texture, look for serums formulated with oils which work best with drier skin tones.

However, it comes down to the active ingredients. Whenever you add a new skincare product to your routine, it’s best to do it gradually.

Try using a serum one or two nights a week and build up to everyday, depending on what serum you use. If you are adding acids to your routine, always follow the instructions as they can damage your skin otherwise.


Why you should add a face serum to your skincare routine

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