Sweaty makeup

Tips on how to get sweat proof makeup this summer

Tips on how to get sweat proof makeup this summer

When high temperatures hit, nothing takes the heat harder than the makeup on your face. But instead of throwing in the towel and giving up, there are some tricks that will keep your makeup intact. In Makeup and Beauty News Ireland, we will guide you to making your products survive hot days 101.

Pick A Primer With SPF

Sunscreen isn’t always the best base to build your makeup on. It can be shiny, thick and makes your products slip. Thankfully, there are primers out there that are formulated with SPF.

So not only do you ensure your makeup stays put, you also protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Use A Sweat Proof Concealer

Not every makeup product is created equal. While there are many full coverage concealers, few stand the test of time – especially when it comes to heat. Elf’s 16 hour camo concealer is one of them. it will keep you covered come rain or shine.

If you can, try to forego foundation. This is because many formulas don’t work in the heat. Instead, buff your concealer into any areas you need it and go bare everywhere else.

Layer Textures

Duality is key when it comes to long wearing makeup. Use a cream blush with a powder one on top. Buff some powder foundation on top of your liquid one. The duality of your products will create makeup that is sweat proof and humidity resistant.

Water Based Foundations Are Your BFF

Foundation is your biggest enemy if you are using the wrong formula. You should be using a water-based formula, as oils can slide around your face when you sweat.

If you are a sucker for full coverage foundations and lightweight formulas make you nervous, build them up. Thanks to their lightweight nature, they won’t get cakey or go streaky.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray from Boots.ie

So Is Blotting Paper

Feels unnecessary, right? Why can’t you just use paper towels? Well, using some loo roll to mop your sweaty upper lip or brow will disturb your makeup. Blotting powder will ensure your base stays intact, while getting rid of excess sweat.

Cream Over Powder

Not only are cream eyeshadows easier to apply when you’re hot – sweat and powder gather in your socket – they don’t move when they dry. if you find cream shadows intimidating, don’t. simply draw on if using a stick, blend with a brush and you’re done.

Water Proof Your Mascara

Yes, it might be a pain to remove. But when it comes to protecting yourself against panda eyes, you need waterproof mascara.

Set It

And you need something that you know will work, like the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. You can use this in any weather, but it’s works particularly well in the summer heat. This is due to the fact that it shields your makeup against humidity. Spray it all over your face to lock everything in and then go about your day.


Tips on how to get sweat proof makeup this summer

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