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How to stop your dark denim jeans from bleeding

How to stop your dark denim jeans from bleeding

Dark jeans are an essential to have in anyone’s wardrobe. Unfortunately, they are notorious for bleeding. It can be frustrating to find that your favourite jeans have stained your white furniture or light clothing. Luckily, in Ladies fashion News Ireland, we show you ways you can reduce this bleeding and prevent that annoying dye transfer.

Denim Leggings from Next.ie

Denim Leggings from Next.ie

Wash Them Before You Wear Them

When you bring your new jeans home from the shop, you should give them a wash before wearing them for the first time. If you take a look at your jeans, you’ll notice a disclaimer tag.

This indicates that the dye process used to make the jeans will cause the colour to bleed. So, it’s best to just chuck them in the wash first.

Tips On How To Wash Your Jeans

Now, you’ve probably washed countless pairs of jeans in your life. However, here are just some handy tips to do it right.

First, turn them inside out and wash with cold water. Never use hot water, otherwise your jeans will shrink. To avoid dyeing your other clothes, it’s best to wash your jeans by themselves.

Next, use a cup of vinegar to your cold water. The acetic acid in the vinegar will help to ‘lock’ in the dye. As a result, this prevents fabric bleeding. As a bonus, the vinegar will destroy any bacteria laying around the jeans.

If you prefer to hand wash your jeans, give them a vinegar bath first. Which just means soaking them in a basin of cold water and vinegar. Leave your jeans in the mixture for an hour, wring out any excess moisture – no need to rinse – and hang to dry.

If your jeans are still bleeding, try leaving them to soak longer. In the morning, run your jeans through some cold water and hang to dry.


How to stop your dark denim jeans from bleeding

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