The top 5 ear-piercing trends to try in 2020

The top 5 ear-piercing trends to try in 2020

The top 5 ear-piercing trends to try in 2020

With the celebs like Miley Cyrus, Kaia Gerber and Bella Thorne upping the ante when it comes to ear piercings, we are ready to start experimenting. And that means spending countless hours scrolling Instagram looking for inspiration for our next piercing.

And we have found something for everyone. From lovers of minimalism and diamonds to our 90s babes. Here are Irish Teenage Fashion News we show you how to personalise your lobes effortlessly.


Seriously, how cute are charms? They are a great way to customise your look and are truly timeless. You can shop for ready made charm earrings or try using second-hand charms and slipping them on your hoops.

Hoop Stack

If you want a piercing that heals easily and is not that painful, the stacking trend will be your best option.

Most of the time, a tiny stud is added to the top of the hole that already exists. Alternatively, you can choose the get two new piercings vertically on your lobe in place of your second hole.

Earring from

9ct Yellow Gold Crossover Open Single Ear Cuff from

Floating Cartilage

For those who want to venture out of the lobe area, consider piercing the flat part of the top of your ear.

Instead of piercing at the edge of the ear for a hoop, a floating cartilage piercing is delicate yet makes a statement. They can amplify your look without being overpowering.


If wearing stacks on stacks of earrings just isn’t your thing, we hear you. There is no reason why you need to look like a preteen who got some cheap piercings to make their mum angry – not that we are speaking from experience here.

So why not just keep things simple and understated with a pair of studs.


What is better than having one stud in your ears? Two placed right next to each other. Or the snakebite, as it is known. Nicknamed from the position of the poisonous fangs of snakes – if you didn’t get that already – they are less scary and infinitely cuter.

And if this piercing is good enough for the likes of Kaia Gerber, it’s good enough for us, too.


The top 5 ear-piercing trends to try in 2020

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