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5 types of manbags every guy should have in his wardrobe

5 types of manbags every guy should have in his wardrobe

Forgive us for making this generalisation, but your mother probably had a variety of different bags. Something that probably drove your dad mad.

But guess what? Your mum was right. Depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing, you need different bags. In Men’s Fashion News Ireland we show you five types of bags to keep handy in your wardrobe.


Adopted by everyone on the planet, this old school bag option is all grown up. For a commuter bag, adjustable mesh straps will keep thing comfortable. And practically everything but canvas will keep your things dry. To keep things from jamming into your back, get a bag with a padded seat.

Then, it is simply a case of tailoring your bag to suit your needs. A leather option works best for the office. And nowadays, many come with a laptop sleeve. Heading to the gym? Some bags come with extra compartments. Cycling home? Look for reflective panels.

Calvin Klein Flat Crossbody Bag Ireland

Calvin Klein Flat Crossbody Bag

Tote Bag

A versatile choice, a tote bag can be your beach bag, office bag and shopping bag all in one. If you are using this for your office, it’s best to be mindful of materials.

Stick to leather or nylon. However, if all you want to do is rep your favourite brand while shopping, a canvas option is fine. For added security, get one with a zipper and internal pockets will ensure you don’t have to rummage for your keys.

Weekend Bag

Going away for the weekend? You need a good weekend bag. Whatever your travel plans, this essential accessory suggests a man of leisure and style. And not to mention they are very practical.

You can find affordable options out there or can splash out on a designer one. In the spirit of matching leathers, choose one that goes with your shoes and belt. If you are flying abroad, check the dimensions if you want to use the bag as hand luggage.

Gym Bag

A sturdy bag is essential for carrying your towel, trainers and protein from your workspace to your gym space. First, consider getting one that can carry your office gear and gym clobber easily.

Some features like drink holders can come in handy as well as a compartment for your trainers. This will keep your stinky clothes away from your office attire.

Cross-Body Bag

For those of you who think that streetwear is a bit pretentious, here’s the truth. A cross-body bag is the most practical one that you could own. Unless you carry a laptop or gym bag everywhere with you, a cross-body bag is ideal for carrying your necessities.

There are two things to keep in mind with a cross-body bag: dimensions and style. Size matters as you could have a bag no bigger than a wallet or a messenger bag. Find out what you always need to carry with you and go from there.

Then, think of style. You could choose a brightly coloured bag or go for a laid-back option. In either case, access is important to go for easy-to-reach zippers.


5 types of manbags every guy should have in his wardrobe

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