How to tailor your clothes without a sewing kit

How to tailor your clothes without a sewing kit

How to tailor your clothes without a sewing kit

Shrunken jeans and long hemlines are some of our greatest woes. However, some of us may be too hard on money to visit our tailor. Or just fear using a sewing machine.

Here at ladies fashion Ireland, we show that you no longer have to sacrifice your style for the lack of a sewing needle. Here are some easy fixes to tailor your clothes in minutes.

Hem Tape

Hem tape is a double-sided adhesive that lasts a long time and is quick to use. It is a go-to tool for all your adjustments or repairs. It can be purchased for temporary or permanent solutions or and area a tailor could hem can be altered in minutes.


Have your thrown on your jeans after quarantine only to find that you’ve outgrown them? we have and let us tell you. It’s heartbreaking. But thanks to extenders, we never have to experience that pain again.

Use extenders at your waist button and gain an extra inch of breathing room – no tailoring needed.

Sewing Box Hemming Tape from

Sewing Box Hemming Tape from

Bobby Pins

If you need to be reminded that bobby pins are a universal savour, then keep on reading. Not just for hair, your bobby pins can be fool-proof tools from your nipping, tucking, fastening and adjusting needs. Adjust a spot by folding it over and fastening it in place with a pin or two.

Temporarily crop your hem or keep structure lines in place, it’s up to you.

Fashion Tape

Anyone who has worn a stunning strapless gown to your debs or party will know all about fabric tape. Or ‘boob tape’ as it’s otherwise known. But there are a lot more uses for this nifty invention that ensuring there’s no spillages of nights out.

Have a button-down shirt that bunches awkwardly? Some of you may run off to the tailor to get it fix. But you can just use some fabric tape for a quick solution.

Fabric Glue

This is for those of you who have a little bit of patience. There are different formulas of fabric glue designed for different materials. So that means that no matter where your rip is, there is a glue to fix it. And when you are sick of repairing your clothes, use the glue to add a fun addition to your outfit. think embellishments or multi-coloured patches.


How to tailor your clothes without a sewing kit

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