How to choose the right men’s blazer for summer Ireland

How to choose the right men’s blazer for summer

How to choose the right men’s blazer for summer

Summer is in full flow, how do fashionable men replace their traditional suit look without scaling back on style? The only choice is the men’s blazer which is perfect sharp styling for the summer months.

Its versatility means it can allow any fashionable guy to alter their look in a smart manner and without much effort. In men’s fashion Ireland, we take a quick look at why the blazer is such an important fashion piece to help any guy to maintain a smart fashion look day or night.

The blazer explained

To understand about the origin of the blazer we have to take a step back to the 1920’s. This is when it first gained notoriety with the naval service in the UK as their uniformed jacket.

Since then it has gone on to be a popular form of smart casual formal dress with representatives from the golfing, soccer and cricket world.

A blazer is a tailored jacket with less structure.  Its design means it can be worn as a standalone jacket and paired with men’s jeans or no matching trousers or pants. The beauty about this is that the pattern or material of the pants don’t have to match that of the blazer.

Blazer designs are either single or double breasted, and unlike their cousin the sports jacket, are less informal with a slightly tailored waist

Probably the most noticeable detailing on any blazer jacket are the button-down arrangement to the front. These can range from silver or gold metal to brass buttons.

Tailored Fit Blue Herringbone Check Jacket from

Tailored Fit Blue Herringbone Check Jacket from

When should you wear a blazer?

Stylish men’s blazers are perfect any time of year really but more suited to summer given it adds as a smart alternative to the suit.

Its refined look means it can be fused effortlessly with most fitted contrasting trousers. Suitable occasions are anything from a day at the races to or less formal work meeting.

In recent years the blazer has become a popular fashion choice for weddings and christenings given its smart yet casual approach.

Blazers can be paired with men’s chinos for a smarter day or night look. For something more casual it can be fused with dark or light denim jeans and tee.

Choosing the right fit

Like when choosing you suit jacket, your blazer should have some type of fitted structure. However, it should allow for a little bit extra room for manoeuvre which adds ventilation to its roomier fit. With blazers coming in a single or double vent design, the perfect length lands mid crotch.

Does the colour matter?

Like any fashion piece, you dress for the occasion with colours that represent your own personality. Blue or navy hues are the traditional option that can be easily paired with trousers or jeans.

However, tan, brown, or grey are exciting colours to move forward in that can make your look more interesting. The key thing to remember is contrasting your jacket with the rest of your attire.

Other options in blazer design

Similar to the original naval blazer jacket, the reefer-style blazer normally comes in a more formal double-breasted design but is darker in colour. This is more suited to pair with a tie and fitted trousers.

A club-style blazer is the choice of sportsmen. This comes in single breasted and often single button design. It is more typically brighter in colour for a more casual and hue for a casual, sometimes bombastic look.

The boating blazer is more commonly seen as a stripped blazer which it best suited for outdoor events.

The seersucker blazer is comes in a more crinkly material with a thin stripe or checked design. This jacket is great when paired with contrasting chinos and a gleeful pocket square.


How to choose the right men’s blazer for summer

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