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Top facts you need to know about your sunscreen

Top facts you need to know about your sunscreen

We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen. And hopefully, it is something that you all apply every day. However, navigating the world of sun protection can be tricky.In Irish makeup and beauty news Ireland we show you some top facts you need to know about your sunscreen and tips to keep you save in the sun.

It Doesn’t Last Long

We have all heard that we need to reapply our sunscreen. But how many of us actually do? And sunscreen stops working very quickly.

Most products degrade after 2-3 hours of application so it’s essential you reapply throughout the day. In reality, most people only apply in the morning and forget about it. So from late morning, their protection expires.

The Difference Between SPF 30 And 50 Is Minimal

Raise your hands if you have ever been duped by this. Everyone’s hands should be in the air because we’ve all been tricked. There is an additional 1-2% protection between SPF 30 and 50. SPF 30 blocks 97% of UV rays while 50 blocks about 98%. However, if think SPF 30 is the new 50, think again.

If you have fair skin, hyperpigmentation, or on photosensitive meds, the additional protection is worthwhile.

L’Oréal Sublime Bronze Gradual Self-Tan Body Lotion from

L’Oréal Sublime Bronze Gradual Self-Tan Body Lotion from

Sun Damage Causes Breakouts, Not SPF

Those breakouts you can get on your holidays is not the result of your sunscreen. The reason for your breakouts is because your skin produces more oil when damaged from UV rays. Sun damage can send your skin into meltdown. This means your skin’s immune system is off and this causes your breakouts.

But oil-based products can give you breakouts, so try to choose water-based formulas instead.

Your Foundation Is Not Protecting You

Just because your favourite foundation has SPF in it, it doesn’t mean you are getting any protection. Makeup brands may add ingredients like zinc oxide to their formulas, which can offer some protection. However, these brands don’t contain UVA filters because they can make products difficult to apply.

Your foundation labelled as SPF15 will not protect you from UVA rays – only offer small protection against UVB. And that wears off throughout the day.


Top facts you need to know about your sunscreen

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