Boohoo products dropped by leading on-line fashion stores

Boohoo products dropped by leading on-line fashion stores

Boohoo products dropped by leading on-line fashion stores

In Irish fashion news, fashion retailer, Boohoo are facing a backlash from on-line fashion platforms who have withdrawn their products from their on-line stores.

Companies that include ASOS, Zalando and Next have all stopped selling Boohoo products in the aftermath of a damming report in last week’s Sunday Times.

The Sunday Times report “alleges” that the Manchester fashion house are paying their factory workers in Leicester less than half the national UK minimum wage.

This meant people were being paid £3.50 per hour to work for the company. On top of this, it’s also “alleged” that Boohoo failed to provide workers with adequate face masks and personal protection while working during COVID-19.

Founded back in 2006, Boohoo is seen as one of the best success stories in the fashion business in the past decade. Although Boohoo have officially declined to make any comment on the situation, they are however reviewing their practices as well as carrying out a full investigation into the “alleged” claims.

Share prices in Boohoo have also been impacted because of the current accusations made against the company. Already they have seen a 25% drop in share value since the scandal was reported.

A spokesperson for Next Retail believes that the Boohoo Group have a case to answer. Already they have removed Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing goods from their website. They also intend to carry out their own investigation into the matter.

German on-line platform, Zalando have also followed suit. The Berlin company has removed all Boohoo products from their sales platforms until they are satisfied that Boohoo have addressed the pay and human rights issues.

In a statement released by Zalando, In a statement they said “Only once all corrective actions have been satisfactorily addressed by Boohoo, can a conversation be revisited to discuss the commercial relationship between Zalando and the Boohoo group moving forward.”

In recent years, Boohoo have been working hard towards becoming more fashion sustainable in the way they operate. The UK fashion house are one of the few fashion companies in the UK to have already invested substantial amounts of money in addressing the way they source material and produce their clothing.

For the purpose of this article, Boohoo are innocent of any wrong doing until the full facts of this matter have been investigated and their own findings reported publicly by the company.


Boohoo products dropped by leading on-line fashion stores

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