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Naomi Campbell wants more equality in the fashion industry

Naomi Campbell wants more equality in the fashion industry

In Irish fashion news, the UK Supermodel has hit out at the fashion industry with calls for it to be more open to people from ethnic backgrounds

Campbell, who has over 30-year experience in top modelling wants to see more opportunity for people from non-white backgrounds in the fashion industry.

The 50-year old South London beauty opened Paris Digital Fashion Week saying the fashion industry must start “enforcing inclusion” on the catwalk and beyond.

She made her comments in a recorded video which opened the Parisian on-line fashion show which this year changed its format due the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The British model went on to tell the audience that lessons of the Black Lives Matter movement must also be applied to fashion industry.

“This is a conversation that is starting now and will last as long as is needed,” Naomi added. “It is up to us and you to start enforcing inclusion of the multitude of identities that compose our countries,” She went on to say “It is more now than ever compulsory to include them in a permanent way and not a transient one.”

Campbell who has always been a strong supporter of equal rights was the only predominantly recognised black model during the noughties. She also believes that she never shared the same benefits of fellow white supermodels like Kate Moss, Christine Turlington and Cindy Crawford.

Incredibly, Campbell was never signed by any beauty cosmetic company until 1999. This is where she became the face of Cosmopolitan Cosmetics who are part of Wella.

However, the industry does seem to be listening with black American fashion designer Virgil Abloh now heading up French fashion house, Louis Vuitton menswear.

Naomi is still hot property herself today and often frequents the cover of some of the most recognised fashion magazines in the world today including Vogue.


Naomi Campbell wants more equality in the fashion industry

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