Different ways to style ladies skinny jeans this summer Ireland

Different ways to style ladies skinny jeans this summer

Different ways to style ladies skinny jeans this summer

Most of us gals own at least one pair of skinny jeans. The reason being they are simply a go-to fashion staple that can be paired with almost any top in our closet. Whether paired with a nice ladies tee and jacket to shirt or blouse, your skinny jeans are there for you.

However, there are certain ways to get the best look from your skinny jeans. From choosing the right colour, to getting the right fit, you want your jeans to work for you.

We have selected a few stylish and simple ways to wear your skinnies this summer. This will help you make the most from your skinny jeans assemble.

Styling your skinny jeans

When it comes to styling skinny jeans during the summer months, be inventive. The sun is going to be shining, so should your look. Bright pastel colours for casual daytime manoeuvres look great. For more formal, keep your above the waist dress exciting. Here are a few ways to pair your skinny jeans this summer

Inject colour into your look

One of the best ways to make your skinny jeans look for you quickly is simply add colour to your assemble. Inserting some bold reds, fuchsia or gold can up lift your look in an instant.

The skinny jeans and shirt look

Whether you are looking to dress up or down for summer, a classic shirt is a great day or night choice. A white shirt fused with fitted denim skinny jeans looks sophisticated. Paired with kitten heels adds an extra edge to your finish.

Red Herring - Black High Waisted 'Heidi' Super Skinny Jeans from Debenhams Ireland

Red Herring – Black High Waisted ‘Heidi’ Super Skinny Jeans from Debenhams Ireland

The skinny jeans and sweater approach

One thing we know for sure in Ireland is layering is essential during most summer months. When temperatures drop you need to be prepared to keep any chills at bay.

Teaming your skinny jeans with a loose fitting jumper is a great daytime choice to looking good. Opt for pastel or colour block finishes. They are safe and reliable. For the evening sweater look, go neutral for a more chic and stylish sweater and skinny jeans finish.

Add some faux leather to your skinny jeans look

The skinny jeans and leather jacket look are a great combo. Suitable for day to evening attire, a fitted leather jacket won’t let you down. The key to making this combination work for you is to combine edgy with chic. Dark coloured biker jackets with a flowing top and heel looks oh so feminine

The skinny jeans plus blazer jacket

Move your look up a notch with pairing your skinnies with a fitted blazer. This look is more sharper and a tailored blazer with skinny jeans provides for a more sophisticated finish.

Fuse with a roll neck and white sneakers or kitten heels for daytime fashion. In the evening add a neutral shirt with high heels. Oh so chic.

Be creative when accessorising

It’s always fun to accessorise any outfit and skinny jeans allows for this in so many different ways. From adding those statement sunglasses to single neck chain, you can complement any look in an instant.

The key thing to remember is keep any accessory look simple. Don’t confuse any onlooker with different variations of accessories. One statement piece says it all. Remember the fashion rule of less is more.

Closing thoughts

As we all know, skinny jeans are there to complement our fashion look right? Choosing the right fit for your body is the key to enjoying your skinny jeans. They should always feel comfortable so stretch in the material is important. A good fitting pair of skinny jeans should allow for the following

  • You should be able to tuck 2 fingers into your waist band easy without any discomfort.
  • Your jeans should allow you to bend down and touch your toes with any real type of hard pulling pressure to the bum area.

Skinny jeans are designed to be enjoyed. Always make sure you get the right fit for your body.


Different ways to style ladies skinny jeans this summer

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