Easy ways to fuse black or navy fashion into your summer look Ireland

Easy ways to fuse black or navy fashion into your summer look

Easy ways to fuse black or navy fashion into your summer look

Come hail, rain or shine, the fusion of black and navy fashion will rarely disappoint. Both of these colours are not only complimentary but very slimming too. As well as being chic, both navy and black can fuse effortlessly into any wardrobe collection.

However, to some, dark shades are seen as a big no no during the summer months. Some critics believe these colours are best left for autumn or winter fashion choices.

Leave bright colours to summer they say well how wrong can they be. Black and navy when styled correctly are dress me up or down colours for the months of summer.

Here are some quick things that any fashionista should remember when building a black and navy assemble this summer season.

Keep your hemline short

This doesn’t mean we are endorsing the ladies mini skirt look at all. It is really all about common sense and your own judgment call.

A short black or navy hemline can provide a real summery twist to your summer dress code. Button down or a fitted ladies pencil skirt is a great choice when it sits 2 inches above the knee. Pair with a neural shade top or ladies top enough said. Ladies kitten heels nail this killer look.

Chi Chi London navy lace dress from River Island

Chi Chi London navy lace dress from River Island

Mix your look up with stripes

Who doesn’t like a chic nautical look during the summer months heah! It has summer written all over it. By fusing your black or navy skirt or trousers with a stripped top will wash away any imagery of winter.

Opt for a navy maxi skirt and add connect with a stripped sleeveless top. Another great look is take your ladies fitted trousers and fuse with a Breton t-shirt

By pairing darker colours with whiter shades provides an identical affect. Even a beautiful navy silk blouse paired with blue fitted white jeans are smart but yet casual enough for summer.

Include bright shoes into your footwear finish

Bright colours can really make navy and black fashion pieces really stand out during the summer months. That all-year round dress that you would normally blend with long boots can easily look fab when worn with trendy ladies trainers or block heels during summer.

Some cool shades like lilac, dusty-orange, sherbet-yellow are on trend when paired with contrasting accessories. Start with a navy or black based and experiment with beautiful pastel type shoes and accessories.

Patterns that include eccentric variations are easy to make you look good on the basis that you use a black or navy foundation. Just remember to keep this look simple and don’t over exaggerate.

Black oversized glam padlock sunglasses from River Island

Black oversized glam padlock sunglasses from River Island

Sunglasses are a must

It’s summer so sunglasses are expected in all lines of summer fashion wear. A classy pair of Statement ladies sunglasses will help your fashion assemble stand out. Add these to your all black look or full on navy attire and your chic look will stand out anywhere.

If you are on the lookout for something that does not require bright or floral colouring, opt for a black slip dress. Pair this with a ladies double-breasted blazer and complete the look with stylish pair of heeled sandals in the same colour and some statement sunglasses.

Silk is always chic during summer

Is there any occasion or fashion season when silk isn’t great? Whether it’s a summer party, christening or even wedding, silk will always rise to the occasion.

Now add them in black or navy and you are talking really stylish finishes to any look. Either a quality navy or black silk shirt when paired with fitted trousers says chic fashion all day or night long. Complete this look with a pair of oversize earrings. Yes we love this fashion finish.


Easy ways to fuse black or navy fashion into your summer look

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