5 fashion pieces every man should own before they are 30

5 fashion pieces every man should own before they are 30

5 fashion pieces every man should own before they are 30

It may not seem like it but dressing well is easy. When it comes down to it, you only need to have a couple of items in your wardrobe to look good all the time.

However, wardrobes take time to build, and money. Nobody can expect to have a wardrobe full of fashionable garments overnight. Unless you’re a celeb.

Here at Irish men’s fashion Ireland, we show you five pieces to have in your wardrobe by the time you’re 30. They are trend-proof, long lasting and will flatter everyone.


Is any wardrobe complete without a pair of jeans? A pair of raw denim jeans is the perfect addition to your collection. Raw means that the denim is left in its natural, dark indigo state, or it’s ‘unwashed’.

Not only is a pair of dark blue jeans versatile – you can dress it up or down – but they age beautifully. The colour will change the more you wear them. so, you will be left with a pair of jeans that are totally unique. Jeans are a garment version of a blank canvas and can be worn in a multitude of different ways.


Arguably, a well-tailored overcoat is the only outerwear item you need to own. Try to choose one that is slim but not tight. You still want it to accommodate the chunkiest of knitwear on cold, winter nights. And a suit on your way to work. A good overcoat will easily cover both cases and works best in black, tan, navy or grey.

Black slim fit Dylan jeans from River Island

Black slim fit Dylan jeans from River Island


Many menswear clothing stems from the military or hardy manual jobs. And with good reason. There is something attractive about clothes that are made to last. And classic boots are no different.

Work boots are simple, generally have a rounded toe, a height that finishes at the lower calf and a chunky sole. They are durable, reliable and have a rugged and timeless charm.


As dress codes are becoming more casual, chances are you probably don’t need to wear a suit all the time. However, it is still a good idea to own one.

Weddings, funerals, interviews or even birthday parties are all occasions where you might need one. And if you only buy a single suit, make it classic. We are talking about a navy or charcoal version in a slim fit. Pure wool is highly recommended and don’t forget about the subtle details. Think ticket pockets and double vent lapels.

This way you have a suit that looks great put together, but also can be worn with separately.

Oxford Shirt

This is really the do-anything type of shirt and is incredibly versatile. You can wear your Oxford shirt to a wedding, a first date, to the office or anywhere else you can think of.

Originally designed for polo players – the design of the collar stopped it from flapping during the game – it’s the only shirt you need. If you can, look for one in white or blue and go for a slim, but not restrictive fit. This way you can tuck it in or wear it loose and it will still look great. Lastly, look for one with a high thread count in good quality cotton. Anything less is a yellowing and fraying mess.


5 fashion pieces every man should own before they are 30

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