Lipstick shades that work with your skin tone Ireland

Lipstick shades that work with your skin tone

Lipstick shades that work with your skin tone

The world of cosmetics is a multi-billion dollar business with beauty companies vying for your money. Lipstick and ladies makeup is a common beauty tool used daily by most women.

With so many definitive shades available it’s about getting the shade that suits your skin tone. Even the most experienced makeup artists finds this a daunting task.

First and foremost, you need to know your own skin tone before choosing any type of beauty product. It’s important as it sets the foundation to what suits your skin type the best.

So, if you are looking for the latest statement shade or a super daily colour, here are a few ways to help you check what lipstick shades are right for your skin tone.

Urban Decay - 'Vice Naked Cherry' Lipstick 3.4g from Debenhams Ireland

Urban Decay – ‘Vice Naked Cherry’ Lipstick 3.4g from Debenhams Ireland

Lipstick shades for fair skin

People who have fair skin are normally pale. This means you are prone to burning when the sun strikes. The likes of freckles could be a common feature for gals with pale skin.

The idea shades of lipstick for this type of skin are corals, pink peach nude or beige. You need to be cautious of other hues as they may wash out.

For those of you with fair skin with a cool undertone, opt for mocha, nude, and raspberry shades. This presents a calm and beautiful finish.

Women who have a warm pale warm skin should opt for pale pinks and peachy nude hues. For a more formal occasion consider a fuschia or blue-based red lippy. This is ideal for refreshing your complexion.

Lipstick shades for light skin

Ladies with light skin sometime feel their complexion is more pale in appearance. Like fair skin, this can be vulnerable to direct engagement with the sun. Colours like as pinks, beige, coral, and peach are always a flattering choice.

Similar to fair skin tones, you should dismiss yellow and gold tones. Replace this instead with light brown nudes or rosy hues. If you choice is more pigmented, opt for a pink-red or red-based coral.

The colour raspberry or mocha fuses well for ladies with more cool complexions. If you have a warm undertone check out pale pinks, peaches and orange-based corals or camel-beige hues.

Lipstick shades for medium skin tones

This tone tends to tan easily and tolerates the sun. It is less sensitive that fairer skin tones so this opens up to a variety of lippy colours at your disposal. Rose, mauve, and berry, brown-mauve are fab lipstick shades. Even beige with soft pink is an excellent nude shade for this type of skin tone.

For ladies with a medium skin and a cool undertone, opt for cranberry or pink hues pinks. Looking for a more formal finish, wine coloured lippy is a perfect choice. For women with a more warm undertone, try orange-based reds, tangerines. The likes of copper and bronze hues can be your best friend.

Urban Decay - 'Vice' cream lipstick 3g from Debenhams Ireland

Urban Decay – ‘Vice’ cream lipstick 3g from Debenhams Ireland

Lipstick shades for tanned skin

This skin tone group merges both olive and tan complexions into a similar category. Again these tones are able to cope with sunbeams which means you rarely experience burning. This is wear it is important to avoid any type of brown and overly purple lipsticks that will clash with your complexion.

Opt for coral, deep pink and orange-based hues. The likes of orange-based reds and tangerines look fab on warm complexions. If your undertone is more cooler, chose cherry red of wine shades. For women with olive skin, your undertones are going to be more neutral. Any shade of red, nude, orange, and pink are a fabulous choice.

Lipstick shades for Dark skin

For you ladies with dark skin means your complexion is rarely ever going to experience sunburn. Most women of this skin tone tend to have brown or black hair. This is where the likes of purple shades or brown hues like walnut, caramel, and wine are at their best.

Even choices like berry, reds and dark purple or plum can really compliment dark skin tones. However, avoid any pales shades of lippy if you have dark skin.

This does not mean you have to exclude nude lipstick. Just be careful to choose warmer nude tones like a metallic brown, warm caramel, rose gold or rich berry.

If your skin has a cooler undertone, opt for ruby, metallic reds deep wine hues like merlot. For ladies with warmer skin undertones, copper bronze and cherry reds are so perfect you will love them. Check out the latest in ladies makeup and beauty, here at


lipstick shades that work with your skin tone

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