Mistakes to avoid when choosing men’s trainers Ireland

Mistakes to avoid when choosing men’s trainers

Mistakes to avoid when choosing men’s trainers

Believe it or not, your sneakers or trainer can determine your look one way or another. Lots of guys actually underestimate the outcome that your shoe has on your finished look. There are many ways to dress a man’s trainer which includes casual, street or smart casual.

Unlike years ago, the range of men’s trainers today is quite vast and it’s all about choosing the right pair for your look. Yes, you can make fashion statement with your footwear, on the condition its paired correctly with the rest of your assemble.

It’s always important to take into consideration that while a trainer may look great, it may not be all that comfy on the foot. In Irish fashion news in Ireland we show you a few things to consider when choosing the right trainer for you look and feet.

Make sure your trainer matches your look

OK, it’s an obvious one but well worth pointing out. Not all trainers are designed for an all one look finish. The majority of them are not multi-purpose and don’t pair with all of your wardrobe.

It’s all about proportion when putting your assemble together. If your choice of style is more tailored, then choose a trainer that reflects this. The classic white trainer is always a safe option but don’t shy away from experimenting.

This doesn’t mean you have to avoid adding colour to your choice of footwear. For example if you want to achieve a more subtle approach to your trainer look, opt for duller hue like navy or black. It’s still classic but won’t draw as much attention.

Avoid going over the top with bold statement trainers

The statement trainer is on-trend right now with all the big brands like Gucci and Prada looking to impact the market. Although they are high brand shoes doesn’t automatically mean they are the right choice for you. Less expensive trainers can be just as effective and half the price.

The key to wearing statement trainers is to keep the rest of your assemble simple. This means the focus and attention will be on your shoe wear. Men’s skinny jeans or a tailored pair of men’s chinos are a great companion for your statement trainers.

Dress to your own personal style

In today’s world, fashion trends come and go. Depending on your budget, it may not be viable for you to get the latest pair of trainers when they appear on the market.

This is why it’s important to choose a pair of trainers that can pair with 80% of your casual wardrobe. Classic styles are called classic for one reason, they can stand the test of time. Don’t ever feel pressured into buying a pair of trainers your don’t like. The reason being, if you don’t love them, you won’t wear them.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Men's Trainer from JD Sports

Nike Air Force 1 Low Men’s Trainer from JD Sports

Think usage and practicability

When choosing any piece of clothing or footwear, always ask yourself, when, how will I wear the item you are buying. Are you going to wear them to for casual dress or are they a shoe for the gym or trip to work? These may seem silly questions to ask but are worth considering.

Just because you are looking for trainer that is practicable does not been you have to shun style with your choice of trainer. There are lots of trainers out there that have dual purpose. What we mean by that is they can be dress up or down trainers.

They can be used for work and also great casual wear. Choose a pair that suits your daily needs but can kick over to other aspects of living. It saves on having to pay for lots of pairs of trainers. This in itself can be a nightmare choosing from an oversized collection.

Knowing when your trainers have had their day

Good quality trainers can last years if you look after them and treat them right. It’s always worth spending money on quality trainers. See this as an sound investment for your feet. If your choice of footwear is of good quality and comfy to the foot then its money well spent.

Also consider the maintenance of your shoe. How easy are they to clean, can you pop them in the washing machine etc. These are all important things to consider when choosing your shoe. It’s never easy to say goodbye to a trainer that has given you so much pleasure down through the years.

However, there is nothing worse than a dowdy or scuffed looking trainer to spoil your look. When your beloved trainer takes away from your fashion finish, put it out to pasture and put it in the recycling bin. It’s hard we know but learn to fall in love again with your new pair that we love you equally as much.


Mistakes to avoid when choosing men’s trainers

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