5 steps to help you master natural makeup Ireland

5 steps to help you master natural makeup

5 steps to help you master natural makeup

Despite the name, a no-makeup makeup look requires a decent amount of steps and products. It’s all about glowing, healthy looking skin and bushy brows.

However there are certain steps you can leave out. Keep reading for the key steps to mastering natural looking makeup.

Prep Your Skin

It’s important to remember that if your skin isn’t looking fresh, your makeup never will. It may be true that you can cover up blemishes and imperfections with makeup, but it can only do so much.

So skin prep is key to getting your makeup looking flawless. First, start with a moisturiser. Making sure your skin is hydrated and plump will ensure your makeup looks natural. And don’t forget your SPF.

BB Skin Detox Fluid SPF 25 from Clarins.ie

BB Skin Detox Fluid SPF 25 from Clarins.ie

Get Your Base Right

Apply a light BB cream using a beauty sponge or flat brush. This will ensure your foundation will last from day to night. If you use a brush and want a seamless finish, go over your face with a damp sponge. This trick will get rid of any streaks left by the brush.

If you need to, apply some concealer under your eyes. Choose a lighter shade than your foundation to brighten up your under eye area. Make sure to blend it out with your sponge for a natural finish.

Don’t Skip Blush

To avoid looking washed out, apply some colour to your cheeks with your blush. Sweep on some product to the apples of your cheeks and blend so the colour is not concentrated in one area.

For a natural look, choose a cream formula and use only a small amount. You can also warm up your face using your bronzer and sweep it onto your cheeks and temples.

Or Your Brows

Your brows can make or break your makeup look. So, it’s best to get them right. Start by using a spoolie to brush through your hairs. Then, fill them in with a brow product of your choice.

Powders will give you a natural, diffused look while pencils are more precise. Focus on creating hair-like strokes for a natural look.

4-Colour Eye Palette from Clarins.ie

4-Colour Eye Palette from Clarins.ie

Finish With Your Eyes

To add some definition to your eyes, blend some warm eyeshadow into your socket and apply a neutral shade onto your lids. Choose a palette with a lot of matte brown colours. This way, you can experiment with tones and textures. Finish your eyes by applying a thin coat of mascara to your top and bottom lashes.

5 steps to help you master natural makeup

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