Simple ways to style printed leggings this summer Ireland

Simple ways to style printed leggings this summer

Simple ways to style printed leggings this summer

Any gal regardless of age, shape of size can rock the printed leggings look this summer. Their basic design and makes them perfect fashion for the cool summer months ahead. From the very basic floral pattern to a more animalistic style, they are suited to all women.

Printed fans are fun and versatile fashion apparel but knowing how to choose the right pair for you is key. The great thing about printed leggings is they can be dressed up or down. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing the right pair of printed leggings for you.

Printed leggings can be worn anywhere

This is the great thing about printed legging, they can be dressed for any summer occasion (within reason) I mean you are not going to rock up to your best friend’s wedding in a pair.

What I mean is that they are suitable for almost every occasion including smart casual dress. They can be paired with anything from ladies trainers to beautiful women’s wedges or heels. The key thing about any patterned leggings is to wear them to maximise your look.

Just remember that you patterned leggings will already make a true fashion statement so avoid any self-indulgence by adding anything distracting that will take away from your outfit. As the saying goes “less is more.” Keep your look simple.

Printed legging summer look

This is an exciting way to style legging as it allows you to express your fashion freedom look of summer. All that is required here is to keep your finish balanced. Fuse a pair of white and grey fleck patterned leggings with a neutral white ladies loose fit sweater or shirt.

Tops with intricate detailing can enhance your overall look. Even plain pastel or dark shade tee fuses effortlessly with darker coloured floral leggings, again plain design on top please. Complete look with white sneakers or ladies wedges.

Star by Julien Macdonald - Multicoloured Jaquard Snake Pattern Leggings from Debenhams Ireland

Star by Julien Macdonald – Multicoloured Jaquard Snake Pattern Leggings from Debenhams Ireland

Plus sized ladies and leggings

As we said earlier, size doesn’t matter when wearing patterned legging for the more voluptuous sized girl. Some ladies tend to shy away from any style of legging because of their skinny fit.

Well my advice is don’t. Patterned printed leggings are ideal for the larger girl as the pattern distracts any wobble areas. The only thing to remember is to keep your choice of colour dark and neutralise your top. Adding a single statement piece of jewellery around the neck offers a great overall balance to any finish.

Patterned printed leggings for summer parties

OK, this is where a little clever thought is required. A summer party may is a bit different to how you wear your patterned leggings during the day right? So, what you are going to do is to switch up to a check pattern and here’s why. A checked pattern can help elongate your legs.

The straight lines can make your bottom half look slimmer that it may be. Black leggings with white check square blocks look chic when paired with a neutral top.

This can be a short sleeve or sleeveless halter neck finish. Just make sure your top is plain and pattern free. Add a colourful pair of block heels or kitten heels for a stylish finish. Add a statement piece of jewellery like a watch or bangle to the wrist. It’s a plain and chic look without making any type of fuss.

Simple ways to style printed leggings this summer

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