The best summer dresses to have in your wardrobe Ireland

The best summer dresses to have in your wardrobe

The best summer dresses to have in your wardrobe

As the country begins to open up, your first instinct may be to dress up in your best clothes and head outside right away.

However, it doesn’t mean that it completely safe. There is still no cure or vaccine to Covid-19 so that means you still need to wash your hands and keep 2m apart from people. But once you remember all of that, you can start planning out your summer outfits.

If it’s your first BBQ or simply a walk with friends, here are the best summer dresses to have in your wardrobe to get your through summer.

Short Taffeta Dress from H&M

Short Taffeta Dress from H&M

Cottage Core

Right now, we all want to escape the confines of our houses to a cottage in the woods. Well, at least some of us do. But as we can’t, we will just have to dress the part. Cottage inspired dresses have become a major trend this year. Think of it like prairie dresses 2.0 and have fun with it.


You may not be able to show off your pins as much as you want to, but mini dresses will always have your back when you don’t know what to wear.

When it comes to indoor activities – like watching your favourite Netflix shows for the 50th time or eating your weight in pasta – mini dresses are not the most comfortable. However, that is where your oversized sweat or hoodie comes in. just throw one on over your dress and you’re all set.

Stay At Home

Oversized, shapeless and cotton blend dresses are here to be the summer staple of your wardrobe. Just like your favourite sweats or pyjamas, night-gown dresses are perfect for wearing both indoors and outdoors. If you style them right.

On one hand, you can embrace the ‘millennial’ in you and choose accessories tinged with nostalgia. We are talking oversized chains, chunky sandals and an oversized blazer. Or on the other hand, you can keep things minimal with simple gold jewellery and ballet flats.

White & Blue Pattern Dress from H&M

White & Blue Pattern Dress from H&M


If you have been stuck at home for months, we can bet that you are sick of wearing the same thing. Since we cannot change the scenery as much as we like, we will take any opportunity to dress up and look fresh.

This means opting dresses that are over the top and decadent. Think volume and ruffles and statement pieces that are sure to turn heads…if there were any to see you.


The best summer dresses to have in your wardrobe

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