4 men’s jumper styles that are perfect for summer fashion

4 men’s jumper styles that are perfect for summer fashion

4 men’s jumper styles that are perfect for summer fashion

As far as smart casual fashion goes for men’s jumpers definitely make the top 3 in the list. They are versatile layering that can be easily styled to suit one’s own individual finish.

Important things to remember when choosing any summer jumper is to make sure it lightweight and comfy. Yes, colours are important but certain hues can be easily paired with any smart casual outfit.

We take a look at 4 different jumper designs to that make for great summer fashion styling. Each creates their own finish and look that will breath confidence in the way you dress for the months ahead.

The crew neck jumper

The crew neck knit is probably the most neural jumper out of all jumper designs. It is also the most versatile as well!
This round neck simplistic design can be worn over a tee or polo without much effort. It can even be paired with a suit or men’s blazer. Favourite material designs include lamb’s wool, fine merino.

For anything really smart casual like paired with men’s trousers, keep your colours neutral and design plain. Anything really casual works and patterns or colour block designs fuse effortlessly with jeans or chinos.

Men's Cotton Rich V-Neck from Next Ireland

Men’s Cotton Rich V-Neck from Next Ireland

Turtle or roll neck

Originating from medieval times, the roll neck jumper was originally designed to be worn as an undergarment by knights of the realm. This was to be protect their necks from friction caused by chainmail.

Fast forward to today’s fashion look and the roll neck is definitely smart casual dress for the more concerning fashionista. The beauty about this jumper is that solid colours are the only choice.

Hues of burgundy, olives and blues fuse easily with nice tweed jackets or blazers. This negates having to use a shirt or tie. They are also very comfy and keep out unexpected chills.

The most important thing to remember there is that your roll neck jumper must be fitted. Any signs of bagginess or overspill throw out the perfect finish. Try and you will love.

The cardigan

The men’s cardi became a firm favourite of stylish men during the 60’s fashion era. To be honest, in recent times it has been set aside because of the introduction of zip up hoodies.

However, if you are trying to make an honest fashion statement versus the hoodie, the cardigan wins all day and night long. Your summer choice of cardigan material must be lightweight.

Soft lambs wool offers stylish layering protection when the temperatures drop. Stick to nice neutral colours that can fuse easily with a nice bright men’s polo shirt or tee. Complete the look with a pair of jeans or men’s chinos. The oxford shirt design is also anther great option to wear under your cardigan this summer.

The V-Neck Jumper

Which fashionable fella doesn’t love the V-neck jumper look. It’s so darn versatile that can be worn dressed with a polo shirt, shirt or a stand along item above the waist. It’s sleeveless design is a popular choice with all golfers of today given it’s stylish look.

If you intend to wear any V neck on it’s own then you must have the physic to pull it off. Soft and gentle material like lamb’s wool is the only choice here. For more dress me up, stick to colour blocking.

This means it will balance with your trousers without any clash affect. The V-neck and men’s jeans look can be either smart or casual. However, pair with smart polo shirt if you are trying to make a fashionable impression.


4 men’s jumper styles that are perfect for summer fashion


Photo by Drew Hays of Unsplash

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