How to tell if you are over exfoliating your skin Ireland

How to tell if you are over exfoliating your skin

How to tell if you are over exfoliating your skin

Dermatologists maintain that exfoliation can be good for your skin. It sheds dead skin cells and reveals a fresh and glowing complexion.

However, as skin scrubs, cleansers, toners, acids and serums become increasingly popular, many people are in danger of over-exfoliating.

Here is your guide to all things exfoliation and how to nurse your skin back to health.

Signs Of Over Exfoliating

Many people tend to exfoliate in some way daily. However, skin should only be exfoliated one to two times per week. Luckily it is easy to know if you are overdoing it.

Classic signs include:

  • Irritation
  • Redness
  • Inflamed Skin

Your complexion can become dry and itchy. Breakouts are another common sign, especially small and bumpy pimples.

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But there is another sign that is harder to pinpoint. Waxy skin. Which can be confused for a healthy glow. However, it is anything but. It can look waxy from wiping away skin cells and natural oils.

Your skin appears to have a radiant shine, however, it is very dry and exposed. Generally, healthy skin will appear plump and moisturised. Not dry, thin and waxy.

How To Exfoliate Properly

Firstly, if you find you are over-exfoliating, you should stop immediately. This will ensure your skin can heal and go back to its baseline texture.

Now, your baseline texture differs from person to person. Generally, it means the texture your skin had before you over-exfoliated. You are really just waiting for the signs of over-exfoliation to fade.

Stop using any foaming cleansers, retinol products or physical-chemical exfoliators. Instead, switch to a mild cleanser and fragrance-free moisturiser. It could take as long as a month – the length of a skin cell cycle – for your skin to get back on track.

Aloe vera gel can be used to heal the skin. However, it can be irritating depending on how open and raw your skin is. The goal is to get your skincare back to basics and keep it simple while your skin heals. Wondering what you can add to your skincare? Vitamin C as it can help expediate the healing process.

And just because you have over-exfoliated your skin, doesn’t mean you need to skip exfoliating altogether. Once your skin is healed, slowly introduce your favourite products and see how your skin reacts.

Remember, when it comes to exfoliating correctly, less is definitely more.


How to tell if you are over exfoliating your skin

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