Stylish ways to dress men’s floral summer shirts Ireland

Stylish ways to dress men’s floral summer shirts

Stylish ways to dress men’s floral summer shirts

Men’s floral shirts are perfect as summer fashion on the condition that they are of good quality and design. It’s amazing how many guys think it’s acceptable to choose any old floral shape or design shirt and think it’s OK. News alert guys…. It’s not.

There is no doubt that a well-structured men’s floral shirt can make any guy look and feel confident when the sun suns. However, it does take planning if you want to nail the men’s floral shirt look. We take a look a few simple ways to get the most from any guy’s floral shirt look this summer.

The single print affect

This is important to remember guys when choosing and styling You’re your floral print shirt. Forget overbearing, mad patterns and keep your print simple and recognisable. A single print offers an over balance when fused with block colouring.

Keep your look subtle when layering

Since the days of Miami Vice when Detectives Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs first revived the floral shirts looks of the 60’s, they are now back in fashion but only just.

This is why it’s so important to make your floral shirt look subtle. Less is more and now that you know that single print is effective, look at layering. This doesn’t mean adding a white leery white jacket or men’s blazer. It means adding a jacket of good quality and neutral in colour. Keep your look simple but effective.

Men's Floral Shirt from H&M

Men’s Floral Shirt from H&M

The occasion is key

Ok, wild bright flowery floral may be acceptable beach side, but think about afterwards. How are you going to dress your shirt in the evening or away from the water. A micro-floral print pattern is more chic and tailored. It can be paired up or down but always remember its occasion of use.

Floral shirt + jeans

When it comes to smart casual fashion, men’s jeans go with anything. The versatility of jeans also means they are a perfect choice to wear with men’s floral shirts. However, on an air of caution this doesn’t mean that any old shirt is a “throw on and go.” The shirt design, colour and pattern are crucial to getting that smart fashion look. Black jeans are a great choice when pairing on a neutral basis. Light washed denim is suited to more vibrant floral shirt finishes.

Floral shirts and shorts look

OK guys you want to your floral fashion finish to look good. This means some sacrifices are to be made here. If you are looking for that structured finish then flip flops and baggy underneath logo tees are a big no no. Your shorts should always look fitted.

Neutrals are a safe option when paired with a crisp micro-pattern cotton floral shirt. ¾ closed sandals or a pair of plain coloured trainers can complete this look perfectly. Avert any colour clashes and make you look balanced. Remember, you are trying to create a stylish finish not the hobo beach look.

The floral shirt and trouser match

This is really the top end of the scale when it comes to dressing your floral shirt. It’s the smart casual summer look at its best if dressed correctly.

First up your trousers must be tailored and need to be neutral and free of any pattern. Opt for tonal colours like greens, creams, blacks. You can also create a sharp contrast between top and bottom like black and red. You want your finish to be stylish so complete the look with a belt and matching brogues. For the cooler effect a minimalist trainers are another great choice.


Stylish ways to dress men’s floral summer shirts

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