Choose Ladies underwear based on the shape of your bum Ireland

Choose Ladies underwear based on the shape of your bum

Choose Ladies underwear based on the shape of your bum

When it comes to our rear end one of the most asked questions are “Does my Bum look big in this.” The fact is that all our body shapes are different which we should all be proud of. However, explaining different shapes of bums is something we should all know.

By knowing the type of bum you have allows you to choose the correct underwear that works best for your body.
We have put together the 4 main bum type shapes. This should help you next time you are choosing the correct ladies knickers or pants for your shape rear.

The square bum

OK, head to the nearest long mirror you can find. Look at your rear and if your hip bones and outer thighs run parallel down your body without much curvature then you are of the square bum type. This can sometimes be perceived as a flat look but really it means you have a neat little bum.

Lingerie or underwear types that are good for this type shape are tangas, thongs or bikini style briefs. Avoid any type of undies with frilly edges or elastic leg holes. Your slender body shape won’t thank you for wearing uncomfortable or no shapely undies.

The V shape bum

This is for you gals who hold a bit more meat around the stomach and bum area. This normally is where the top of your area of your buttocks actually has some width but lack volume.

This is perceived to be less full but more rounded. Standard knickers like hipsters, shorts and bikini briefs are a great choice.

They help to balance out the look of you’re the look of your behind, making the checks look more rounded. Avoid high cut undies as no lady wants their bum to have that dropping look.

Silk & Lace High Leg Knickers

Silk & Lace High Leg Knickers

The round shaped bum

Often referred to as the bubble butt, this accurate name describes a bum that is beautifully rounded. This type of rear is buoyant and perky. Basically, it has ample volume in the cheek department.

This type of bum need ample coverage so undies that provide a bit of stretch are the perfect choice. Knickers or pants that have a mid-back seam will contour your bum beautifully.

Tangas or thongs allow your but cheeks freedom to move. Just remember what ever choice of undies your choose, ensure they made to stretch.

The heart shape bum

Also known as the “pear or A-shape” this is a real feminine botty shape which is beautiful and womanly. The waistline is more tapered with wider below the hips, because of the more rounded cheek buttocks and fuller thighs.

There are many ways to really show off your rear assets with this type bum. High cut briefs, thongs and tangas are a fab choice.

Shorts or bikini style knickers in a stretchy lace and seamless finish are also stylish and comfy. On the air of caution, avoid any elasticated leg holes You really don’t want to marginalise your rear end and spoil its look and finish.


Choose Ladies underwear based on the shape of your bum

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