Key men’s swimwear trends to try for summer 2020

Key men’s swimwear trends to try for summer 2020

Key men’s swimwear trends to try for summer 2020

Mastering everyday fashion trends can be challenging. However, when it is just one piece of fabric covering your modesty, swimwear has a lot to say than any other garment.

And keeping up with ever-changing trends is not easy. So to help you nail your beach attire, here are just some swimwear trends you should be buying this year.

Action Man

Military inspired fashion has been one of the biggest trends in recent years. and now it has made the move into swimwear.

If you have slender legs, the busy pattern on your trunks can add some bulk by drawing the eye outwards. However, steer clear of wearing too much fabric. Make sure the hem is not overly wide, as this can accentuate the problem. Instead, go for a slimmer cut.

White Stripes

This look should be a no-brainer as nautical theme swimwear is classic. However, before you dig around for you old swimming trunks, stripes have gotten an upgrade. Shorts with vertical stripes are popular as they can easily go with a basic t-shirt and flip-flops.

Bold stripes will also work wonders if you are not beach body ready. If you are slim, wearing horizontal stripes add a little width. Carrying excess baggage? Vertical stripes can elongate your body by drawing the eye up and down.

adidas CLX Solid Swim Shorts Pink

adidas CLX Solid Swim Shorts Pink


Two is better than one. And that is precisely the point of co-ord outfits. a beach ready co-ord consists of a pair of swim shorts and a matching short sleeve top.

This is the perfect choice if you don’t want to spend too much time getting ready. However, you cannot abandon all the style rules. Seeing as you are wearing it all over, you need to choose a print that goes with your skin tone.

Once you are back home, there’s no need to pack your summer clothes away. Wear your set with a white t-shirt to downplay the beach vibes. Or pair the shirt with some chinos for a subtle #throwback look.

Block Party

Not a fan of prints? Block colours are about to become your BFF. Not only will they not date in photos, but you are more likely to find a colour that suits your skin tone.

Though it is considered a flattering shade, try to avoid black. It just doesn’t work in the sunshine and can be unforgiving with too much skin exposed. If you have pale skin, deep green shades as well as navy and burgundy work best.

Dark skin tones can choose something more vivid. Cobalt blue, lime green and yellow help you stand out. Or you can go full on Baywatch with a pair of red trunks.

adidas Bold 3 Stripes CLX Swim Shorts

adidas Bold 3 Stripes CLX Swim Shorts


Flower prints have made the leap from female favourites to men’s swimwear. For a look that flatters you, scale the size of the flowers to your frame. If you have smaller physique, choose smaller flowers. However, if you have a large frame, opt for a bigger print.

If you avoid wearing print all year round, florals can be a great way to dip your toe in the water. If you live in plain clothes, it can be a fun way to add some interest to your look.

If you are on the fair side, choose a dark background to avoid looking washed out. And those of you with dark complexions, choose a light background to make your shorts stand out.


You should know by now that trends come and go, and nostalgic swimwear trends are back. This season, designers are going old-school and updating it. More often than not, retro shorts will come in an A-line shape, with wider leg holes.

This will help to retain the throwback silhouette. While this a flattering shape that will keep you in proportion, it leaves room for…flapping. So it’s probably best for your shorts to be lined.


Key men’s swimwear trends to try for summer 2020

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