Stylish ways to wear men’s white tees all year round

Stylish ways to wear men’s white tees all year round

Stylish ways to wear men’s white tees all year round

There probably isn’t a fashionable guy alive today who doesn’t own at least one white tee. They are the basic of basic fashion for any guys wardrobe.

The beauty about a guy’s white tee is it can be paired with nearly anything in your closet. It’s like working from a blank canvas when applying a fashion look.

However, it’s how you dress your white tee that makes it look effective. From size to styling, we look at many great options available to make you nail the white tee look.

The casual shirt, jeans and white tee look

This one guys is an easy one for a guy with any type of fashion sense at all. The white tee is your foundation and by adding a checked shirt with a pair of jeans is basically it.

Now don’t lose the run of yourself as this fusion must look tailored for a positive finish. The checked shirt adds character to your look while jeans offers stability.

Men’s plaid shirts in a pastel patterned mix work well with blue or black denim jeans. Add your fitted white crew neck tee before-hand.

Finish with plain white trainers or brown or black low cut boot finish. You can leave the shirt open or leave the top four buttons free for a more continental finish

The smart shirt, trousers and white tee effect

OK guys this is where you have to differentiate between casual and smart. You are taking your look up a notch now so pay attention.

Your choice of white tee for this one can be either round or crew neck finish but it must sit tight to your body frame. Apply you tee and add a smart fitted colour block shirt (blues, pinks or greys) are a good choice.

Add with tailored men’s slacks and wow, how simple is that. Keep your choice of coloured trousers plain and simple. This look can be worn with men’s shoes and make sure to leave your top shirt button open.

Men's white Crew Tee from Next

Men’s white Crew Tee from Next

The white tee plus leather jacket look

When you think of white tee and leather jackets, Fonzie from Happy Days or James Dean usually spring to mind.
It’s a rock look originally from the 50’s that has stood the fashion test of time.

All you need for this look is a crew neck white tee, a pair of black or blue denims and leather jacket. Your tee must be fitted along with the jeans (leave baggy jeans at home) This is all based on sex appeal and can make any smart dressed guy a hit with the ladies.

The white tee, jeans and bomber jacket look

This look is more for the young men out there. The bomber jacket is a smart piece of layering.It can be either dressed up and down.

Opt for mid-size plain bomber jackets (green, black or brown) over your white tee. Add your fitted denim jeans (black or blue) and yeah that’s it.

Add plain white or striped sneakers to finish. Separate your top half choice of colours to your choice of jeans for even balance.

A white tee and jacket combo

OK guys, a bit of thought required for this one. This is where a quality fitted jacket like a men’s blazer, wool or cotton jackets come into play. Your tee and jacket are going to be centre stage on this one.

The trick here is to opt for a darker colour jacket which ensures the tee remains the focus. Simple block colours blend well with the white torso.

You can’t afford for your tee to be billowing over your waistband as it must be tucked in. Add jeans and plain white trainers for a smart finish

Stylish ways to wear men’s white tees all year round

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