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Style trends that will be everywhere after lockdown

Style trends that will be everywhere after lockdown

We, like many people, we have been spending our days in sweats. And as much as this sounds like a dream scenario to some people, the fashion lover in us is begging for some real clothes.

The good news is that this lockdown will not last forever. As with Ireland easing some restrictions, it seems like the country is beginning to wake up and return to normal.

And that means the days we can rock our fun clothes are upon us. For now, we can prep our wardrobes for the trends we will see everywhere.

Tie Dye

Be honest. How many of you have tried to tie dye at least one t-shirt during lockdown. Thanks to Instagram, it seems like everyone is wearing tie dye. It is that one fashion trend that has us reminiscing of summer camps – and in a good way.


We can all admit that we are guilty of staying in our sweats during quarantine. And this style trend is not going anywhere. This is probably due to the fact that we know they are comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

Tie-hem resort shirt from H&M

Tie-hem resort shirt from H&M

Puffy Sleeves

The puffy sleeve is the perfect way to add some drama to your outfit. You can go subtle with a little puff on your t-shirt or go all-out 80s with a puff sleeve mini dress. Rocking a puff sleeve will keep your look fun, flirty and take you out of your style rut.


While the slip is nothing new, 2020 is about to elevate the style to a more boudoir-inspired look. Try to think of feminine lace and soft colours like pinks or creams.

This lingerie-inspired garment was seen on the runways of designers Bluemarine and Gabriela Hearst and will add a vintage touch to your wardrobe. They are chic, super glam and the loose shape make them very comfortable to wear.


Style trends that will be everywhere after lockdown

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