Ladies sandal colours that easily pair with your wardrobe

Ladies sandal colours that easily pair with your wardrobe

Ladies sandal colours that easily pair with your wardrobe

With summer here, it’s time for those lovely sandals to once again make an appearance from your wardrobe. They allow you to show off your tootsies and breathe some life back into your feet.

Matching your sandals with the rest of your closet line up can be sometime tricky. You want to make that fashion statement without having to replenish your wardrobe.

It’s always important to consider when buying any type of ladies footwear that it can pair easily with the rest of your clothing collection. As far as sandals goes, they need to fuse effortlessly with your summer dress or outfit.

As far as colours go, black is a safe colour that goes with almost anything. However, who really wants to wear black during the summer months.

You want bright and easy colours that represent colours of the season. Here are some colour sandals that can be paired with any summer attire. The key thing like any footwear is that it does not clash with your above the ankles choice of dress.

Nude sandals

After black, nude sandals are the most versatile of them all. This colour has a tendency to elongate the look of your legs. It can be paired easily with the likes of cream, white, grey blush. Nude also fairs well with red or orange outfits when looking to make a true fashion statement.

Principles - Gold Crystal Embellished 'Ringer' Flat Sandals from Debenhams Ireland

Principles – Gold Crystal Embellished ‘Ringer’ Flat Sandals from Debenhams Ireland

White sandals

A really safe option of sandal colours for the summer months. Like black, a white pair of sandals can be paired with almost any outfit. It will brighten up any without being too overpowering.

Red sandals

There is nothing like a red pair of sandals for those ladies looking to make a bold fashion statement. As well as being eye-catching. They draw attention from the bottom of your outfit upwards. Navy jeans or white dresses when worn with red sandals are a powerful summer look.

Coral or punk sandals

These super sweet colours can inject a true feminine summer look into any gals fashion finish. They are a great choice when pairing with floral colours and pastel shades. Even white dresses are a great choice from that fresh vibrant summer fashion finish.

Orange sandals

It is important to remember that when styling bright coloured sandals that they complement your dress attire instead of overwhelming it. Orange sandals pair well with beige, tans or most neutral colours. These project a warn tone finish.

Yellow Sandals

The colour represents fun. It has the ability to lift any fashion mood in your look with bold hues fusing effortlessly with a toned-down monochrome outfit. Yellow sandals pair beautifully with most shades of blue. For a more dressy up occasion, yellow sandals and light green ladies jumpsuit or dress fuse for the perfect finish.

Green sandals

Believe it or not but green sandals are very versatile. The only warning here is to avoid green with any red hues (very hard to nail this look) Green sandals looks great when fused with orange hues. Also green ladies sandals can be easily matched with blue, black, brown, yellow, and neutrals dress wear.

Blue sandals

It is rare that same colour sandals fuse properly when paired with same colour outfits. However, blue is that exception if you choose the right shade. Navy which is perceived as important as black can pair well with a nice navy jumpsuit or dress. It is also great when worn with denim. Blue sandals also work well with the likes of red, brown whites and neutral fashion wear.

Gold sandals

This along with silver are the colours that really stand out when making a chic yet relaxed fashion statement. Gold sandals are the perfect opportunity to allow for colour blocking red, burgundy green and blue dress wear.

Silver sandals

These are perfect if gold is a bit too overbearing on your fashion finish. Metallics are a popular and safe choice for that great summer sandal effect. They can fuse effortlessly with soft hues like white, navy, and white. Red or beige fashion wear are another great option.


Ladies sandal colours that easily pair with your wardrobe

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