Easy ways to style a ladies hobo bag all year round

Easy ways to style a ladies hobo bag all year round

Easy ways to style a ladies hobo bag all year round

Any true fashionista knows that both our shoes and handbags define our own personal style. OK, our fashion attire may create a first impression, our accessories complete the conversation.

The look of your handbag can predominately make or break your overall look. From the perfect clutch paired with a LBD to that oversized shopping bag, all girls want to look stylish. Now enter to hobo bag to the equation.

What is a hobo bag?

The hobo bag is a design of purse or handbag that are typically large and characterised by its crescent shape. It’s design includes a dropping posture with a long strap that is designed so it can be worn over the shoulder.

It gets its name from its shape of the bindle on a stick that hobos are seen carrying over their shoulder in many leading cartoons and drawings,

The important thing like any bag or accessory is knowing how so style it. We take a look a few ways to help you choose the correct Hobo bag for you.

Choosing the right colour is vital

A great fashion look is all based on balance. These rules applies for ladies when it comes to accessorising. The hobo bag can be styled for daytime or evening wear on the basis you choose the right design and colour. The right shades are key when choosing a hobo bag. Cream, brown, silver and black can be paired easily with most ladies current wardrobe wear.

Monochrome fusion

The monochrome look is a trend that will remain stylish Choices like whites and Black are great ways to compliment any hobo look. The monochrome style creates a perpendicular silhouette that makes you look taller as well as the illusion of being slimmer. Nothing else to be said!

Build your own travel style

The hobo bag is the definitive travelling companion. From those all important business trips to holidaying, its roomy interiors allows for extra space to pack your essentials. One good tip to remember is ensure your hobo bag has extra pockets and compartments for storage.

The hobo bag work look

OK, the hobo bag may not be your first bag of choice for the work look, it is still worth considering. Neutral colours paired with a plain pencil skirt and stripped ladies shirt can look chic. The design of your bag must present the classy look. Once you coordinated your attire, you have a modern day work place style to be admired.

Brown Leather Hobo Bag from Etsy.com

Brown Leather Hobo Bag from Etsy.com

The jeans and hobo bag combo

Every gal has some type of denim as part of their wardrobe line-up. Jeans are a true fashion staple for any woman and pairing your dress look with a hobo bag is easy.

Whether it’s a pair of ladies straight leg jeans, to a long length denim skirt, the hobo bag can create a real urban vibe to your look. As far as layering goes, add a smart casual ladies blazer or white cardigan for that killer finish.

Incorporate faux leather into your look

The like of faux leather teams well with your hobo bag. It can create a more edgier finish to your day or evening finish. Pair your hobo bag with a stylish faux leather jackets, ankle boots and jeans. It’s different but your finish can rock any on-trend fashion look.

Add finesse to your hobo bag outfit look

By making a few changes to your outfit and adding a stylish hobo bag, your look can be chic. Replace jeans with a fitted pair of ladies trousers and plain colourful blouse and complete with a sophisticated ladies blazer. Add a dressy pair of ladies heels and wow you have nailed it girl!

The hobo formal look

This requires a bit more thought when really dressing up your hobo bag. The bag itself needs to be more petite and more structured than the average size hobo bag. The clever use of neutral and solid coloured are great choices for more formal attire. Remember, that accessories should never overpower your outfit, they must always compliment it.


Easy ways to style a ladies hobo bag all year round

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