How to choose Men’s jeans to suit your body type

How to choose Men’s jeans to suit your body type

How to choose Men’s jeans to suit your body type

A quality pair of jeans is the holy grail of any guys wardrobe. They can be either dressed up or down to suit the occasion.

The fact that they are so versatile means they can go with almost anything. There are several reasons why some guys can’t nail the great jeans look. The main one’s being

1) They don’t know what style of jeans match their body type.
2) The lack of certain designs and colours available when selecting jeans
3) Uncertainty to what grade of jeans material sits well on their body.

We are here to help guys choose the right pair of jeans based on their body size.

The most common types of denim jeans styles for men.

All jeans have a design label which categorise them into different designs. These are the most common of men’s jeans designs today.

Skinny jeans

This is the newest design in men’s jeans wear. They are generally tighter and come with a taper leg finish. They are available mostly in a low to mid-rise finish with a fly zip closure.

Slim fit jeans

These are not as tight as skinny jeans. Generally, they come in a mid-rise with a zipper fly closure. They are straight through the hip area and slimmer through the thigh with a narrower leg finish.

Regular fit jeans

These are a common pair of jeans enjoyed by all men. They come with a straight leg design and are available in mid-rise. The leg of the jeans drops straight from the knee to the hem area with decent leg size opening.

Relaxed fit jeans

These are a loose-fitting jean from the waist to the leg opening. Because of its relaxed design ensures the denim does not hug the leg.

Loose fit jeans

These have a baggy effect. There is more room for manoeuvre providing ample leg space around the thigh and leg area.

Understand the measure of your jeans

The term “The rise” is the calculated measurement from the crotch to the top of the waistband of your jeans. The standard type of rises in men’s jeans today are high rise, mid-rise , low rise and low crotch design.

  • High rise jeans are jeans designed for big men which have an above the belly button finish.
  • Medium or mid rise jeans come with a waistband that skims the belly button.
  • Low rise jeans come in a more casual fit which sit just below the belly button.
  • Low crotch jeans sit low on the waist. Their drop-crotch style means they are saggy to the hips, bum, and rear area
Choosing the right pair of jeans for your body type

To find the most flattering style of jeans requires trial and error, but the following tips will help you find what fits best on your body type.

The perfect Jeans for the thin man

The perfect type jeans for men of a thinner stature are straight leg jeans with a low rise. This helps to flatter any slender build. These offer room to manoeuvre without attracting any attention to different leg shapes.

The perfect jeans for the more athletic man

Most athletic men have a slim waist with muscular legs and backside. You have a choice of slim fit, straight leg or boot cut jeans in a low rise design.

The perfect jeans for muscle men

Muscular men tend to have larger legs so straight leg jeans can be turned quickly into looking like a pair of skinny jeans. Opt for a regular fit jean with a wider leg. It looks neater.

The perfect jeans for fellas with wide hips

Guys with large hips need an equal leg width from hip to hem. You have three choices here. Relaxed fit jeans, high-rise straight leg jeans or a wide leg straight leg pair of jeans.

The perfect pair of jeans for the man with a large waistline

This applies to the plus-size guy where his midriff is large and also has large thighs A high rise jeans design in a loose fit or relaxed finish jeans are the perfect choices. It helps to flatten the midsection of the body while pair in the bum and thigh areas.

Other things to remember when buying men’s jeans

Did you know that the weight of denim material influences the breathability of the jeans. This determines how your jeans sit on your body. It is recommended that you opt for denim material in the 8-20 ounces range.

Out of all colours of denim, dark blue is the most versatile. A quality pair of dark blue jeans can are perfect for dressing up or down. These make them perfect for various occasion that can be paired with men’s shirts or sweaters in your wardrobe.

Did you know that denim material will stretch to about a full size during the first 15 to 20 wears. This is why it is always advisable to opt for a size down to your normal size when buying men’s jeans.


How to choose Men’s jeans to suit your body type

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