The worst men’s fashion trends of all time

The worst men’s fashion trends of all time

The worst men’s fashion trends of all time

There are trends that pop up time and time again. And ones that should be left in the past and never spoken about again. Fashion can be a fickle beast.

And also a straight up sadistic one. Straw hats? Uggs? What was she thinking? And why did we listen to her? To find out which trends you can safely dispose of with the knowledge that they will never come back, read on.

Cheesy T-Shirts

While t-shirts with political statements or streetwear branding have become a trend in recent years, there is no place for a cheesy slogan tee in your life. Your t-shirt should tell people that you have the building blocks of a fine wardrobe. Not that you’re with stupid.

While you may think that these t-shirts show off you sense of humour, they don’t. And there is no such thing as a female body inspector.

Deep V-Neck T-Shirts

If you are not a former Jersey Shore cast member or Ronaldo in 2007, you have no business strutting around in a deep V-neck tee. We’d like to think you have more self-respect than that.

And no matter how much you take care of your body and want to show it off, this style will flatter nobody. Instead, stick to classic necklines like a crew neck and put the V to work on knitwear.

Pink Pony Custom Slim Fit Polo Shirt from Ralph Lauren

Pink Pony Custom Slim Fit Polo Shirt from Ralph Lauren

Square Toe Shoes

Seriously, who thought that these were a good design? Much like Halloween’s Mike Myers, boxy, clunky and ugly square toe shoes simply refuse to die. No matter how ‘smart casual’ you think they look or how comfortable they are, we plead with you to chuck them away.

Even Gucci tried to make them work and failed. And if one of the most iconic brands cannot make it happen, no one can. Scrap them and stick to something more timeless, like round toe Oxfords shoes and Derbies. Your feet will thank you.

Uggs For Men

There’s a saying, ‘winners don’t do drugs.’ However, we feel like ‘winners don’t do Uggs.’ Sounds like better advice. Now, in recent years, the Californian brand has produced some stylish hiking boots. But the Ugg were an abomination.

And one we are all guilty of wearing at one point. Ben Affleck. Yes. Ronnie Wood. Guilty. Even the usually fashionable Pharrell Williams has been photograph sporting a pair.

So you burn the boots, we will burn the photos and never speak of them again. instead, go for the much more stylish hiking boot.

Drop-Crotch Trousers

Do you want to create the illusion that you are wearing an oversized nappy? A pair of drop-crotch trousers will do the trick. And they are the perfect piece to ensure that you never have friends again.

Do not get us wrong. We love easy going styles. However, the comfort you get from these wardrobe monstrosities is nothing that you cannot get from a pair of relaxed fit trousers. plus, Bieber used to wear these trousers so… enough said.


The worst men’s fashion trends of all time

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