How to choose the right ladies summer sweater Ireland

How to choose the right ladies summer sweater

How to choose the right ladies summer sweater

As we live our daily lives through summer, ladies coats and jackets are not as much as a necessity as they are in colder months. However, it’s still important to ensure our body temperature is maintained at a comfortable level.

There is also the need to remain stylish and ensure our clothes pair well for even given occasion. This is where the ladies V-neck sweater comes steps in.

This fab piece of fashion is so versatile that it can be worn on its own or with some light under layering. Getting material that is perfect and feels comfy is nearly as important as the finished look itself.

We take a quick look at the different materials and designs of sweaters to wear this summer. To add to this we check out the right colour combos that are our perfect in our own guide to summer knitwear.

Choosing the right material

When it comes choosing the right material for any jumper, it’s always wise to think of how you plan to wear it. You want to ensure that it will hold its own shape while being comfortable to wear. Will the material allow your body to breathe in warm weather? We check out different material to consider when choosing a v neck sweater.

Cotton sweaters

This is the most breathable material that you can add to your wardrobe. It is also easy to maintain and manage with low cost maintenance. Most designs come in a stretch fit which makes it perfect for a jumper. It easily allows for extra layering underneath like a ladies shirt or women’s tee.

Lambswool sweaters

Did you know that lambswool is the first shearing taken from a sheep? This normally takes place after 6-7 months when their first coats arrives. Its short strands makes it an easy material to manufacture. The fibres are smooth and strong. The waves in its material also ensures that it is breathable. We call it magical material for summer sweaters

Wool blend sweaters

Another favourite of ours as and wool blend is usually used in the manufacture of cashmere, silks or polyester. It is not as enduring as the likes of lambswool or cotton and is not a material you would wear on its own. Always consider how you will pair this with the rest of your wardrobe.

Button V-Neck Jumper from Next Ireland

Button V-Neck Jumper from Next Ireland

Consider the sweater design

When buying any sweater, always think of how you will wear it. You want one that is durable yet fashionable that can fuse with other clothing. Versatility is key and you need to consider the material mix and thicknesses as well as its design.

Thin-knit design

This is best suited to spring when the weather is at is most unpredictable. It can be warm one minute and cold the next.
This makes thin knits ideal as it pairs comfortably with any under layering. This is in case you need to shed the jumper if the temperature rises revealing a nice ladies tee or shirt underneath.

Cable knit design

This is viewed as a more traditional style of knitwear. The cable knit are just right for county style living. Most are available in standard hues and are perfect for fusing with collared shirts.

Crew neck design

This round neck beauty is a real fashion warmer. It insulated the base of the neck area trapping heat. It can be worn with a light vest or ladies bra with a positive fashionable finish.

V-neck design

This offers more of a classic look for the modern lady. However, the fit must be right and negate any saggy or over-stretches. If your v-neck presents a fitted look It allows for you to reveal more flesh. It’s a great stand along fashion garment for summer. Worn with a ladies bralette or light tee and ladies jeans, it’s a great summer look.


How to choose the right ladies summer sweater

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