WWF and Google team up to support sustainable fashion Ireland

WWF and Google team up to support sustainable fashion

WWF and Google team up to support sustainable fashion

US on-line search engine giant, Google have stated that they have teamed up with WWF Sweden for new program supporting sustainable fashion.

The Worldwide Fund for nature (AKA) WWF and Google are looking to produce a environmental data platform which will allow for more sustainability in the fashion sector.

The key aspects of their joint platform will see their new data-enriched, decision-making system help promote culpable sourcing decisions within the fashion industry.

They hope to achieve this by fusing Google’s cloud’s technical capacity which includes using data analysis and machine learning via the WWF’s own knowledge of appraising raw materials used in the industry.

The WWF in Sweden was founded back in 1971

They claim this use of technology will provide both brands and retailers with a greater understanding of the impact their operations have within their own supply chain.

Both Google and the WWF in Sweden are hoping this will help companies to make them better decisions when sourcing material.

The platform will calculate each material and sourcing location on numerous environmental issues which include water scarcity and air pollution.

It will also include an assessment tools which will show different impacts that greenhouse gas emissions have on sourced material.

The WWF in Sweden believe this platform is required to help fashion industry become more fashion fashionable.
At present, the fashion industry is responsible for 20% of waster wastage as well as 2.8% of greenhouse gas emissions globally.

Google was founded in California back in 1998

It is also estimated that this figure could rise to 50% by the year 2020. The majority of all impacts happen at the point of sourcing raw materials for a company’s own supply chain. Gathering such information in the past has been difficult due to accessing important data.

Both Google and the WWF Sweden are hoping their partnership will help address these needs by setting up a platform to help organisations tackle fashion sustainability.

In a statement released by Google’s sustainability officer, Kate Brandt, she confirmed that her company see sustainability is a challenge that crosses industry boundaries. Kate believes that tackling these problems can require strong partnerships and collaboration.

“Our ambition is to fill fundamental data gaps by bringing greater accuracy to environmental reporting—ultimately moving toward more sustainable processes. By combining our technology, and with data inputs from many key industry brands and retailers, we believe we can significantly magnify this work together.”


WWF and Google team up to support sustainable fashion

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