Ways to style ladies skater skirts this summer

Ways to style ladies skater skirts this summer

Ways to style ladies skater skirts this summer

Originally designed for the generation of the tomorrow, the skater skirt today is a popular choice of skirt worn by women of all ages. OK, some say it’s a young person’s skirt designed for college gals or hipsters but how wrong they are. The most important thing about the skater skirt is how you dress it!

This means picking the right tops, accessories and shoes to pair with it for that killer look. We take a look at the skater skirt (not dress) to help you get the most out of this perfect fashion wonder.

So what qualifies as a skater skirt?

The most common skater skirt come in 3 basic designs and styles. These are as follows,

Circle design: This is a skirt with allows for bounce and flow. It’s an easy lift dress gals so be sure to ensure you are on your guard for when the wind strikes.

A-Line Skater: Ok, this is straight forward enough. It comes in a wide design with an amiable flare.

Pleated skater: This is a skirt with various pleated designs. The most popular are knife, box and micro pleats
The skater skirt fit rules

The normal rule of thumb when choosing a skater skirt is to opt for one with a wide waistband that are more comfier than thin ones.

Petite Tiered Broderie Skater Skirt from Boohoo

Petite Tiered Broderie Skater Skirt from Boohoo


The mid-length skater skirt

To maximise the great skater look, its best worn above the knee line or minimum mid-thigh length finish. This is mainly because they are created for fab street fashion for that chic finish. They are a great party dress which only has competition from the likes of pencil or miniskirts.

The short skater effect

OK, there are no must-do’s on this style as it is all down to one’s own personal taste and confidence. However, the short skater should never be worn the same length as a mini skirt. It’s a dress with flare so let the dress express itself.

The perfect skater skirt for summer

Given the summer is warmer than any other time of the year, light fabrics are always the right choice. However, darker colour skaters are great for those of you going on holidays as they can be paired with a wider selection of tops in your case.

Avoid any long sleeve top designs when wearing a skater during the summer. If you fear a change in climate then tag along a neutral ladies cardigan as extra mobile layering.

How to colour match with your skater skirt

To get the best looks from your casual summer tops, pair with white lace or crop tops. Make sure to colour-block for the best finishes.

For example, if you decide upon a blue or navy theme, opt for shades of green, blues or even purple. Neutral or nude shoes sneakers or kitten heels complete any summer skater skirt look.

This help to keep the attention on your lovely legs. Something as simple as a ladies denim jacket make for a great choice of layering for that fab evening look.

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