Different ways to style men’s zip up hoodies

Different ways to style men’s zip up hoodies

Different ways to style men’s zip up hoodies

What’s not to love about men’s zip up hoodies. They are fab laying for all seasons and so versatile they can be worn casually in so many ways.

Unlike the traditional round neck hoodie that usually comes with drawstring close, the zip hoodie allows you to open and close to your own requirement. It grants you access to revealing any clothing underneath while offering ventilation to the body.

There are so many different ways to rock the zipper hoodie look and we have selected a few to look out. Each one is unique allowing for your hoodie to be worn under or over clothing.

The zip up hoodie plus denim jacket

The zip up hoodie and denim jacket go hand in hand. Popular with teenagers, this denim and hoodie combo go together like jelly and ice cream. Opt for different shades of hoodie against denim. Olive, red and cream are a fab choice.

The zipper hoodie plus distressed jeans finish

What hoodie doesn’t go with a jeans heah? It you are looking for a more discombobulated look then a zipper hoodie and distressed jeans is on trend. Your shoe finish is key here to nailing that great look. Men’s white trainers and plan tee offer a stylish fashion finish.

Grey Raven Zip Hoodie from AllSaints

Grey Raven Zip Hoodie from AllSaints

Athleisurewear and the zipper hoodie

With the hoodie associated with the chilled relaxed look, fusing this with sweatpants or leggings is a smart way to go. Opt for a different colour hoodie than the bottoms to break up your look. This helps your finish differentiate to that of a uniformed tracksuit style.

The leather Jacket and hoodie combination

There is something really cool about this look. Maybe it gives off a bad boy illusion. Pair black jeans with your black zipper hoodie under your leather jacket. Add black shades for that cool finish.

The bomber jacket and zip hoodie look

Another great combo but best left for men under 50. If your aim is to continually sport this look, then opt for a bomber jacket that is a size too big. This allows for your hoodie to fit comfortably underneath. A green bomber jacket and grey zip hoodie with black jeans is an affective assemble.

The oversized t-shirt and zipper hoodie finish

If you are tired of the of the same old look of tee and zipper hoodie, then become inventive. Upgrade your t-shirt to a long extended version. However, make sure it has that fitted look finish. You don’t want to make it look baggy and throw out your natural body shape.

Checked Flannel and zipper hoodie

This woodcutter look has a strong masculine feel about it. It’s a look sported by roughed men that often appeals to the ladies.

Colour blocked grey zip hoodies are fab when paired with checked jacket. Keep your jeans and hoodie the same colours so your finished affect stands out!

The zipper hoodie and long coat finish

This isn’t a summer look but can warm any trendy fashion finish for men. When the temperatures start to dip, pair an olive or dark green hoodie with grey long coat. Ensure your hoodie is light in material so it does not conflict with the silhouette of the coat.


Different ways to style men’s zip up hoodies

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