Men’s wide leg trousers

Simple ways to style men’s wide leg trousers

Simple ways to style men’s wide leg trousers

Once upon a time, men’s wide leg pants were confined to older men who had gone past caring about modern day fashion styles.

Fitted trousers are the preferred fashion choice of fellas looking to stay on trend with the looks of today. Wide legs trousers seemed to take their place on the back burner of fashion.

Like all fashion fads, different clothing designs have their day. Thankfully due to their reinvention and worn by celebrities like Harry Styles and George Clooney, the wide legged trouser look is back.

There are so many different ways to enjoy the wide legged trouser look. Today’s designs fuse style and comfort into one. Here are different ways to get the best look and style from your wide legged trousers.

The casual wide leg trouser look

For any newbies trying the wide leg trouser look for the first time remember that the relaxed casual looks is the obvious way to practice.

It is best to commence with a classic colour or fabric, like navies or blacks in a wool or cotton blend. Denim is also fashionable and easy to try.

What we advise is to work towards getting the balance right. Consider pairing your wide legged trousers with a fitted style tee. Lots of today’s wider trousers come with traditional front pleats and a high waistline.

Start by tucking in your top to the trousers to create that real relaxed day to night fashion look. It’s a starter pack look for any guy who wants to enjoy the benefits of enjoying wide legged trousers with diving in head first.

The smart casual wide leg trouser effect

This is for those of you who are confident with their wide legged trouser look and ready to take it up a notch. In recent years the accepted fashion dress code for all clothing has become more relaxed.

This makes the relaxed-leg trousers the ideal choice to include in as part of your daily casual fashion look.

The gimmick is to ensure that all your top half attire is simple and your trousers do the talking. Tonal shirts, turtleneck sweaters or subdued bombers make for the perfect finish. It offers confident dressing with minimal effort.

The smart wide leg trouser effect

Ok you moving into the best dress league with your wide leg trouser look. This now needs to be a bit more tailored. A well-cut pair of wide legged pleated trousers can easily be paired with a smart shirt and blazer. Completed with a pair of derby shoes.

Pair a men’s blazer with a relaxed-fit trousers and compliment the finish by rolling up the hems of the trousers. However, a marginally shorter pair of black wide-leg trousers can be perfect for the office. Pair with slim shirt to balance your smart overall appearance.

The streetwear wide leg trouser effect

Probably the most inventive wide leg fashion look of them all. This is where you can be creative in your approach to styling.

It’s an anything goes really as your wide leg street look can include full to half-length cotton or denim trousers. This all depending on your own style preference.

It allows you to stray from the fitted wide leg trouser look. Insert inventive logo sweatshirts, hoodies and loose fits jackets as part of your finish.

Footwear is key to a successful look

Like any outfit, your choice of shoes can make or break your look in an instant. Because of their wider silhouette in the leg, avoid any type of pointed or narrow shoe finish.

Yes, quality men’s trainers will work for casual to smart casual and streetwear finish. However, loafers or round-toe boots, shoes especially loafers are perfect for any smart casual finish.


Simple ways to style men’s wide leg trousers

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