Why you should wear a slip underneath your clothes Ireland

Why you should wear a slip underneath your clothes

Why you should wear a slip underneath your clothes

Slips once had the unfortunate reputation of being an outdated item to own. But thanks to vintage fashion lovers, there has been a revival of this misunderstood shapewear. Read on to find out everything about a slip.

Past Uses

In the past, wearing a slip underneath your clothing was popular. Partially, it was to keep the oils of your body from destroying your clothes. They also protected your body from harsh materials like wool. And of course, they were used to provide shape for clothing.

Current Uses

In today’s world, the slip has been updated. No longer hidden beneath your clothing, it can be part of it. Due to the fact that they were more popular years ago, they have proven to be a big hit with vintage fashion lovers today. Because of the decorative details, many fashion fans wear their slip as outwear.

Lengthen your skirt without any sewing by letting your slip peek out from the bottom. Or pair a colour and style to your outfit and let your slip show.

However, the original purpose of a slip still serves. Wearing one with a clingy material can add a touch of modesty to your sheer dress.

Ladies white slip from Marks & Spencer Ireland

Ladies white slip from Marks & Spencer Ireland


When wearing a figure-hugging outfit, shapewear can help you hide any insecurities by smoothing out your body. try wearing a slip with a built-in bra for extra support. However, because dresses are more comfortable and forgiving nowadays, some outfits do not require a slip.


Yes, there are such things as slip shorts. Those of you with thick thighs know all too well the struggle of chafing. Particularly in hot weather when we tend to sweat more. This is when slip shorts can come in handy.

They provide an extra layer between you and your clothes without feeling heavy. And due to their lightweight material, they come free from all the pesky squeezing and pinching on shapewear.


Why you should wear a slip underneath your clothes

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