How to choose the right type of watch for your outfit Ireland

How to choose the right type of watch for your outfit

How to choose the right type of watch for your outfit

Knowing one watch from the next can be beneficial. It can help you decide what the best option is, both economically and aesthetically.

Chronographs are the most popular but how many of you actually use their signature function? We put together a guide on some popular style of watches and what to wear this iconic accessory with.

Aviation Watch

The first pilot watch was created in 1904 by Louis Cartier for his aviator friend Albert Santos-Dumont. And was completely unrecognisable from the pilot watch of today.

It was square in shape, the Roman numerals were not legible and it was without a chronograph. But it was a start. However, it was the military that had the bigger impact on the pilot watch design we know today.

The demand for easy-to-read watches with oversized crowns and fluted bezels that you could manipulate with gloves on was high and part of the pilot’s kit.

Apart from their size, legible luminescent numbers, oversized crowns and, at times, a chronograph function are still an integral part of this particular watch. Not sure what to wear it with? The only suit that the aviation watch works with is a flight suit so it’s best to keep your look casual.

Diving Watch

Debuting in 1926 in the form of the Rolex Oyster, the main function of the diving watch was to accompany you in the water. In order to classify as a proper diver, it needs to have unidirectional bezel, distinguishable minute markings, visibility at 25cm in total darkness and a luminous second hand to reassure you the watch is still running.

Diving watches have retained a durable quality for sea-farers and land-dwellers alike. Additionally, classic designs such as the Rolex Submariner mean they work for most dress codes.

And, thanks to James Bond, they are probably the only tool that is acceptable to wear with a dinner suit. Although you may want to get one without a rubber strap. And it really is more suited to a weekend uniform.

Rolex Oyster Man's Watch  from Weir & Sons Ireland

Rolex Oyster Man’s Watch from Weir & Sons

Military Watch

The design has caused some division amongst watch lovers. There are purists who think that only a watch that is issued to a country’s armed forces or worn by military personnel is a military watch. But there are people who take a more relaxed approach and apply the term to anything utilitarian and solid. In other words, not flashy.

Simply put, a military watch is one that needs to be able to withstand extreme environmental conditions and rough treatment. And the beauty of this design is that you can easily find one to suit your own personal style. It’s best worn with denim or combats. Just leave it at home when you wear a suit.

Dress Watch

Simple. Elegant. And classic. Everything that a dress watch should be. As you can gather from the name, it is a companion to your suit – dinner or business.

It should be slim enough that you can slip it underneath your shirt cuff yet subtle enough to go unnoticed. This is the time where you should invest in quality. Like your bespoke suit, you should only need one and it should last a lifetime.

If your budget allows, think of precious metals rather than steel. And leather straps are a must here. Remember to store it properly when you hang up your suit. Scratches are never a good look. And it goes without saying that this watch works best with tailoring.

How to choose the right type of watch for your outfit

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