Tips on how to tell if your bra fits you properly Ireland

Tips on how to tell if your bra fits you properly

Tips on how to tell if your bra fits you properly. Getting the right fit from your bra is extremely important, but it can be tricky. Whether you are going to a professional, shopping online, or measuring your own bra size, knowing the basics can help you find your perfect one.

Here are just some handy tips to help you get the most out of this popular undergarment.


This is probably the most important piece of your bra. It’s responsible for the majority of your support so it’s best to get the right fit. Be sure that it fits snugly against your body. it should not pull away easily. Check to see if it fits parallel to the floor.

It’s normal that you will see a little back fat. Elastic is wrapping around your body and we are not made of steel. To help you smooth out this issue, try a bra with a wider band.

Front Of Bra

Now that your band fits, it’s time to take a look at the front of your bra, the centre gore. This is the part of the bra that attaches the two cups together.

With the help of the snug bang, it should lay flat in between your breasts against your body. You should not be able to pull it away from your body easily.

Keep in mind that the centre gore can be wide, tall or narrow. And it can be made from different materials. Depending on the shape, some bras are made to fit differently on your body.

Even though they may not fit to your body as a bra with an underwire would, it’s still important that your wire-free bras fit snug and stay in place.

Cotton Lace Non Padded Bra

Cotton Lace Non Padded Bra


If you choose a bra with an underwire, it’s important that it fits your correctly. Many women who find them uncomfortable are using the wrong size bra.

Your underwire should fit around each breast tissue not below or on it. It should fit flush against your body and this includes the centre gore. If your breasts do not fit into the underwire comfortably, it could mean your bra is too small or the underwire is too narrow.


So, you’ve checked the band, the front and the underwire. Now, to move onto the cups. Your breasts should fill the cups completely.

Check where the top of your cup stops and your bust and chest begin. Are your breasts uneven? Don’t worry. Fit the bra to your larger bust and leave a little room on the smaller side. This can then be filled using an insert or removable push pad.

If you are spilling out of your cups, try going a size up or change the style of the bra to a full coverage option. Is there too much room in your cups? Go a size down or try a less coverage bra.


Bet you think that your straps are responsible for the majority of your bra’s support? Wrong! Their primary function is to keep your cups flush against your body.

It’s the band that offers you support and keeps your bra up and in place. However, your straps still serve an important role.

They should stay in place and feel snug yet comfortable. If you can easily lift them more than 1” off your shoulder with mild force, they are too loose.

Start with a secure anchor first. We’re talking about your band. If you find your straps keep falling down, check your bra band first.

If it is too loose, your straps will always keep falling down. Are your straps are digging into you, try a wider strap or bra with a built in cushion for comfort.


Tips on how to tell if your bra fits you properly

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