A fashionable styling guide to wearing Men’s black shoes

A fashionable styling guide to wearing Men’s black shoes

A fashionable styling guide to wearing Men’s black shoes

Shoes have been and will remain a true fashion stamen for any guy. While Men’s brown shoes have become a popular choice with modern day men, black shoes still remain king.

It is probably because of their versatility and the fact they go with most outfits. The Men’s black shoes is broken down into 2 categories, casual and dress. Before we delve into their individual usage,

Main types of casual black shoes

The Boat shoe: These slip-on style shoes come with a rubber sole and rope detailing around the rim of the shoe. Originally designed for sailors, they have that popular nautical look

Loafers: Another comfortable shoe with slits to either side of the tongue with a round toe finish. Some designs may include intricate detailing with buckle or rope detailing.

Moccasins: Very like loafers, these slip-on’s come in a variety of different material including suede. Some designs may include laces and unlike the loafer, these have a flat heel.

Punched Toe Cap Gibson Shoe from Dune London

Punched Toe Cap Gibson Shoe from Dune London

The casual black shoes look

Unlike black dress shoes, a pair of casual black shoes can be styled with a wide variety of outfits. Worn with Jeans: Opt for a darker style denim when wearing black casual shoes.

Worn with Jeans: Loafers or canvas are the perfect choice. The most effect finish is when paired with pastel tees as it adds a relaxed finish to your overall silhouette.

Paired with Chinos: The good thing about a quality pair of chinos is that they can be either dressed up or down. Black loafers fuse nicely with olive, burgundy or navy blue chinos. Keep above the waist colours neutral ( polo shirt or collared shirt) to avoid any clashing of colours.

The dress black shoe

These are essential for any guy who likes to look the part and takes pride in their smart fashion finished look. Leather is the only accepted type of shoe here as you want to achieve that sophisticated look.

The Oxford shoe: These leather lace ups come with a pointed toe and slightly raised heel design. They have a closed lace narrow design finish.

The Derby shoe: Sometimes people can mistake these for the Oxford shoe given they do look similar. However, the Derby shoe comes in a wider fit with open lace design.

Monkstraps: Again very similar to the Oxford and Derby shoe, they have a large strap over the front surface replacing laces.
Brogues: This low heeled leather shoe comes with all over pattern detailing

The Chelsea boot: This is simply a raised ankle boot with low rise heel and round toe finish.

Patent leather shoe. A leather shoe with a high shine glossy finish.

Rieker Men's Extra Wide Toe Cap Tie Shoe from Paul Byron Shoes

Rieker Men’s Extra Wide Toe Cap Tie Shoe from Paul Byron Shoes

The smart black shoes look

Now that you are elevating your look to that of a more formal finish, here are some ways to wear different types of formal shoes.

There is a simple rule to follow when dressing shoes for formal occasion. Your trousers and shoes should be the same colour. However trousers and suits come in different styles and designs which include pinstripe finishes.

Here are some styling tips to remember when pairing black shoes the smart way

Smart casual black trousers: The best finish here is a pair of either black Oxford or Derby Shoes.

Grey Trousers: A black shoe finish is a must. All depending on the occasion, Derby, Oxford, Monkstraps or Brogues are a good choice.

Navy Trousers: Again black shoes are your first choice. If you are aiming at a business look, opt for Oxford or Derby shoe finish.

Smart fitted jeans: Keep your choice of denim dark. For the most effective finish choose a smart pair of black Chelsea boots, Monkstraps or Brogues.

Chinos: For darker coloured chinos, black shoes are a great choice. Oxford, Derby shoes will complete your smart finish. Remember, when wearing dark bottoms, keep your above the waist choice of colours light.


A fashionable styling guide to wearing Men’s black shoes

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