Fashionable ways to style Men’s skinny jeans

Fashionable ways to style Men’s skinny jeans

Fashionable ways to style Men’s skinny jeans

When you think of skinny jeans, most think young men with stylish attitude. Born from the age of punk rock, the skinny jeans are not just for hipsters but enjoyed by men of all ages and sizes.

To erase a myth that they are any tighter than normal jeans is not true. The only real thing that’s different is it’s leg design finish. For most pairs are comfortable around the crotch and rear making them a comfortable fashion stable for any guy.

How you wear them is another matter. We have selected four ways to dress your skinny jeans that are perfect for any fashion season. Before we do that we want to explain the different types of skinny jeans.

The spray on skinny Jean

These is self-explanatory really. They are tight fitting jeans that that are constructed from soft cotton stretch elastane. They cling to the frame of the leg for that tight finish.

The standard skinny Jean

These are the more common pair of skinny jeans you see today. While they are still designed to hug the thighs, they taper off towards the lower part of the leg. These give them a more fitted look.

The casual t-shirt and skinny jeans look

This is probably the most common finish out of all the skinny jeans looks today. It’s simple and easy for any man to complete. A plain white tee or men’s colour block polo shirt provides for the best finish. Add skinny jeans with a white pair of trainers and it can’t be simpler than that.

The shirt and skinny jeans finish

For those of you men who like to switch up to smart casual with your skinny jeans look then this is for you. There are so many great options when adding a collared shirt to your jeans look.

From a cool Oxford shirt to plain pastels, a shirt certainly adds something extra to your look. The main thing to remember is to get your tones right. Try and separate different colours to the top half of your wear. Boots, loafers even sneakers give it that great polished look, day or night.

The sweater and skinny jeans look

When it comes to layering, the sweater or jumper are a man’s best fashion friend. They are so versatile they can go with both jeans and men’s trousers.

Deciding the best sweater for your look is going to key for the best finish. Ensure that your sweater presents a fitted look (not too baggy) This is important as you want to balance the coordination of your overall outfit. Men’s shoes or white trainers can complete this smart casual look effectively.

The blazer plus skinny jeans finish

Now you are at the top dress end of the scale for skinny jeans. This is more business-like so no spray-on skinny jeans please.

Your standard skinny jeans are the only choice when putting on any type of formal look. Dark blues or blacks can easily pair with a nice plain or pastel shirt.

Opt for navy, grey or black blazer but make sure your colour of jeans are different to the blazer itself. This helps break up your silhouette but balancing it at the same time. Choose a nice pair of clean loafers or brown shoes or boots for that stylish business like finish.

The jacket and skinny jeans combo

Last one up is the skinny jeans and jacket finish. The only thing to avoid here is colour clashing. Spray on skinny jeans or standard skinnies can pair easily with most jackets.

From faux leather to baseball jackets, these look rock. For the best effect go neutral with your colour shirt as to balance the contrast of your overall look. Boots or white trainers are subject to your preferred choice of finish.


Fashionable ways to style Men’s skinny jeans


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