Chino colours for every man's wardrobe this season

Chino colours for every man’s wardrobe this season

Chino colours for every man’s wardrobe this season

They may not be the life and soul of a man’s wardrobe, but chinos are an integral part of it. Sure, a pair of ripped jeans may add some edge to your wardrobe, but they don’t have the versatility of chinos.

They are a man’s multipurpose piece. They are the one style of trousers that look great in casual and formal settings. This means that if you find the perfect pair, it’s best to get a few different colours. Keep reading to find out the best ones.

Beige chinos

Generally, the lighter the colour, the less formal the piece. With that being said, beige chinos are best left for casual occasions. To help balance out your look, pair it with a dark colour like a navy shirt. Or, for a modern and preppy look, throw on an Oxford shirt and finish the look with casual sneakers.

Navy chinos

Navy chinos can be worn in plenty of ways and are the epitome of versatility. For a simple throw-on-and-go outfit, pair your chinos with a white t-shirt and sneakers. Lean into the colour and dress it up with a shirt, tie and cardigan for a look you can take to the bar from the office.

Khaki chino

Khaki is one of the easiest routes to wearing colour, without going overboard. Though they work well with basic staples like a white t-shirt, don’t be afraid to mix in neutral tones.

Grey chinos

Suitable for every skin tone, grey is the perfect colour to be the perfect base on which you create a stylish look. Because of their natural hue, you can wear your chinos with pretty much everything.

Dress them up with a black shirt or play it casual with a light blue Oxford button down. Or, you can add some denim to your outfit with a stonewash jacket. The choices are endless.

Black chinos

Much like your grey chinos, a black pair gives you a blank canvas for building a variety of looks. Additionally, they won’t show up stains easily.

With the ability to look like both a smart trousers and jeans, wear black chinos to work with a structured blazer. This will help you to stand out from the crowd while still help you look professional. For a more casual look, put on your favourite t-shirt and over-shirt and you are good to go.


Chino colours for every man’s wardrobe this season

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