Bra solutions while wearing a ladies backless dress

Bra solutions while wearing a ladies backless dress

Bra solutions while wearing a ladies backless dress

What is not to love about a stylish backless dress? A well as being sexy, they are a great way to make an important fashion statement at any party or gathering.

However, wearing a backless dress does take some planning. Given it provides little cover to the back area, bra straps are going to be your biggest enemy. While going braless may be an option to some women, lots of feel more secure with some type of breast protection and support. Knowing your own bra size is also the key to nailing this look.

Given bra fashion design has come a long way in the past few years, getting the right cover for your boobs is easier than ever now when wearing a backless dress. We take a look at a few good options to consider when wearing that great looking backless dress.

The convertible bra

For those of you who are hesitant about wearing a backless dress for the first time, then then a convertible bra is a good choice. Look for one’s with push up cups and criss-cross halter design to the lower back. They are versatile and can negate the chances of your bra being on show.

The backless sticky cup bra

For those of you women with larger breasts then consider strapless, backless, sticky bra. This offers cover for the fuller boobs that will manage to hold them in place. Clear straps are also an option to add to this bra type which offers more support and comfort.

The backless bra for high neck dress designs

For any women who loves high necks and low back lines then the double layered bra is for you. Most good designs come with detachable nude straps as well as adjustable shoulder straps. These are a comfortable way to wear your dress without the chance of any spillage.

The backless bodysuit

We actually love this design as the bodysuit with built in bra administers ample support to the chest region. The actual boning structure in its design gives it great support that can also be worn with straps.

The self-adhesive silicone bra look

This is a popular choice of bra design with most of the Hollywood leading ladies. It allows you to don fine material dresses while providing adequate cover so you won’t even know they are there. Most silicone push-up cups are reusable which also makes them a good sustainable fashion choice.

Halo Lace Strapless Bra from

Halo Lace Strapless Bra from

The plunge bra and backless dress solution

One of the great things about this choice of bra is that it works for both plunge and backless dresses. All that is required with these designs is to add convertible straps which are adjustable. They allow for ample support to the boobs and are very comfortable.

The strapless bra

For those of you ladies who want to instil a natural looking boob shape while wearing a backless dress then this is a great choice. The cups are moulded and include under-wiring to create support to the breasts. This bra design is also perfect for wearing with low-cut dresses. They are a good investment for any regular dress loving woman.

A semi-backless dress and plunge bodice

Backless dresses come in so many different designs and shapes. Some are semi-backless and a body corset is a really good boob holding option to consider.

Most designs allow for a full coverage and has an extra-low back. A good corset should include adequate under-wiring and lightly-lined cups with light boning built into its structure. Another great thing about this design is it is completely adjustable.


Bra solutions while wearing a ladies backless dress

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